Rainmaker Mod 1.7.10 is a simple but very useful mod that adds one 1 block: The rainmaker. The rainmaker is a simple block where its only purpose is make it rain when placed into the world. The mod is super lightweight and runs fine on almost all computers. The mod is highly configurable for mapmakers. It also fits well into modpacks and regular survival.

Rainmaker Mod

The mod comes with a fancy looking 3D trapezoid shaped block rendered using GL11 and tessellation. There is also a really cool looking thunder storm animation plus water spewing up in the atmosphere when placed before the rain kicks in.


Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 1

Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 2

Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 3

Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 4

Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 5

Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 6

Rainmaker Mod Screenshots 7

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

Rainmaker Mod Crafting Recipes 1


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge
How To Download & Install Fabric Mods

Rainmaker Mod 1.7.10 Download Links

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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