Rationcraft Mod 1.12.2 adds a bunch of foods and a method of canning that fit the survival theme without being too intrusive, and when paired with other mods, helps progression, adds another point for roleplay, and helps to set a modpack theme. Currently, it adds six new food items, not including the canned items. Hardtack, dry sausage, roasted dry sausage, sugar candy, Scho Ka Kola, and milk Scho Ka Kola.

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Crafting recipes:

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Foods Information:

  • You can make hardtack with 2 wheat and 1 bucket of water.
  • Hardtack can be stored by first crafting eight hardtacks + a paper in the center of the crafting grid, then eight hardtack packets + a stick(will be updated to wood in the future) in the center of the crafting grid.
  • Cans take four iron ingots in the center top, center bottom, center left, and center-right of the crafting grid for eight cans, or eight iron nuggets all around for one.
  • Many foods can be canned with 1 sugar, an empty can, and 1-2 of the food. Some have more complex recipes. Eating canned food gives you used cans, which can be crafted into iron nuggets.
  • Canned variants of food are improved from the food they contain. (Recommend using JEI or a similar recipe mod for the canned ingredients.)
  • Sugar candy can be obtained by smelting sugar, dry sausage is four bonemeal around a porkchop. It can also be stored, but not in crates, by crafting 8 candy around 1 paper.
  • Scho Ka Kola (caffeinated chocolate) can be made with 1 iron ingot, 1 Redstone, 1 gunpowder, 1 sugar and three cocoa beans anywhere in the crafting grid, the milk variant can be made with 1 extra sugar, and a bucket of milk added.


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