The default Minecraft reach in survival mode singleplayer is 3 blocks, the creative reach is 4-5 blocks, on multiplayer things differ, the client side default reach in singleplayer / multiplayer in 3 blocks, but the server side reach is 6 blocks, meaning if you hit someone while you are taking velocity away from them, as long as you get a 3 block hit or under client side, then depending on your ping you will move further back for 2-4 ticks if you are around 100ms to 200ms, very few people on hypixel get under 50ms, if you happen to have 200ms you will move backwards for 4 ticks, at a speed of around 3 blocks per second, meaning it is possible that you will end up moving say 0.2 blocks in those 4 ticks, meaning server side your hit will register as a 3.2 block hit, this is why it is very hard to make an anticheat that bans players using less than 3.5 reach quicky but doesnt ban people with high pings like 250ms. Reach Mod (1.8.9) will change that distance.



  • /reach [min] [max]


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