TAB Mod (1.20.4, 1.19.4) is an all-in-one mod for displaying information in various places, which aims to outperform all similar plugins in terms of features, compatibility and performance. The compact configuration allows you to get the mod to work the way you want regardless of how simple or complex you want it to be or how experienced you are. Default configuration already contains useful values and examples to give you a better understanding and get you started quickly with instant results.


  • Belowname: The scoreboard objective with BELOW_NAME display slot that adds another line of text below nametag of players. It is only visible on players within 8 block range. This value is client sided and cannot be changed by the plugin. This line automatically appears on all player entities when enabled. Therefore, it is not possible to only display it on some players or not display it on NPCs. However, if you want to only display it on real players, you can disable this feature, enable Unlimited nametag mode and run /tab group _DEFAULT_ belowname %health% Health (or any other text you want). That way an armor stand will be used to display text instead, not being on NPCs. The feature can be configured in config.yml under belowname-objective section.
  • Bossbar: Bars with text on top of the screen originally designed to display health of ender dragon & wither, but plugins found another use for it. In 1.9 mojang added a packet dedicated to displaying text without requiring an entity and allowing customizable color and style as well. This feature can be configured in config.yml under bossbar section.
  • Global playerlist: This feature allows you to see players from other servers under a bungeecord network, instead of only seeing players on the same server. To use this feature, you need TAB installed on bungeecord. This option is not available on bukkit and will not be added.
  • Header & Footer: Minecraft feature introduced in 1.8 showing text above and below playerlist. It cannot be displayed on 1.7 clients in any way.
  • Layout: This feature allows you to customize all 80 tablist slots. Displaying less than 4 columns is currently not supported. This feature can be enabled and configured in config.yml file under layout section. This feature is only available for versions 1.8 and up due to massive tablist changes, which would make 1.7- compatibility require a complete rewrite of the functionality and could still cause all kinds of visual issues, including, but not limited to compatibility with other plugins adding/removing players from the tablist.
  • Nametags: Nametags are controlled by a feature called scoreboard teams. They offer 6 properties:
      • Team name – used for sorting players in tablist, see Sorting guide for more info
      • Prefix – prefix displayed in nametag, it will be referred to as tagprefix
      • Suffix – suffix displayed in nametag, it will be referred to as tagsuffix
      • Nametag visibility rule
      • Collision rule
      • Team color (1.13+) – used to set name and glow color (check out How to make TAB compatible with glow plugins) (on 1.12- it uses last color of prefix).
    • When enabling this feature, TAB will control all of these. It is not possible to take values from 2 different teams (plugins). Most of the compatibility problems with other plugins can be solved with placeholders. If you want sorting but not nametags, just don’t configure any prefix/suffix. If you want another plugin to handle teams, configure sorting in that plugin.
    • This feature can be configured in config.yml under scoreboard-teams section.
  • Per world playerlist: This feature allows you to limit players you see in tablist to only players in your world, or in a group of worlds. This feature can be configured in config.yml under per-world-playerlist section. To use it, you need TAB installed on bukkit server. This feature is not available on BungeeCord.
  • Ping Spoof: By default, the server sends information about ping of players to everyone, which you can see in the tablist as the green bar. Some modified clients allow to see the exact value instead of just bars. This feature spoofs ping value of all players to the configured value, hiding their true ping. I don’t know why would anyone want to do that.
  • Playerlist Objective: The scoreboard objective with PLAYER_LIST display slot. It supports 2 display types: yellow, hearts. Since 1.20.3, it can display any text. This feature can be configured in config.yml under playerlist-objective section.
  • RedisBungee support: When a plugin for linking proxies is detected, TAB automatically enables its hook to add support for it. No configuration is needed.
  • Scoreboard: Scoreboard objective with SIDEBAR display slot. This feature can be configured in config.yml under scoreboard section.
  • Sorting players in tablist: To enable sorting, you must have either Nametags or Layout (or both) enabled. To verify you enabled sorting, run /tab debug. It will say Sorting type: followed by anything except DISABLED.
  • Spectator fix: With the introduction of spectator gamemode in 1.8, players having it automatically appear on the bottom of tablist with transparent name and missing Yellow number. This feature cancels gamemode change packets to spectator gamemode, cancelling this minecraft feature.
  • Tablist name formatting: This feature allows you to configure player name formats in the tablist. Settings of this feature can be configured in config.yml under tablist-name-formatting section.
  • Unlimited nametag mode: Minecraft’s name tags have a lot of limitations. This feature makes the nametag invisible and places invisible armor stands there instead (if you’re wondering why not area effect clouds or text display, here’s why), bypassing all limits and allowing more lines as well. These are teleported every time players move, making it nearly impossible to notice. They are fully packet based (meaning they don’t exist server side and will not stay in the map if anything goes wrong) and are processed asynchronously (has NO impact on your TPS). The alternate solution – riding the player – is not implemented. Regardless of potentially unsatisfactory experience, the current method (teleporting) took years to perfect and it is expected to take no less for another completely different mode. It would also result in many compatibility issues with player riding plugins and similar. This feature can be configured in config.yml under unlimited-nametag-mode section. If you have TAB installed on BungeeCord, you will need to install TAB-Bridge on all backend servers to make it work.



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