Rustic Nature Addon (1.19) adds new stoves, stones, lamps, and new log-shaped seats. This mod includes many items for outdoor recreation in Minecraft. There will be many types of fires to choose from, comfortable logs to sit on, and more. In addition, the addon will partially change the biomes of the forests, adding new elements there for you to explore.



  • Now new mushrooms appear in the world naturally and you can create more food and other things with them, first you must find the small mushrooms and make them grow with egg powder to get the blocks where you will get more mushrooms and the mushroom stem

  • You can make poisonous arrows with the death mushroom, but be careful, don’t eat them!!


  • Corn seeds can be obtained from the bushes that this plugin adds, also from corn from the crafting table. Corn has 3 stages, in the first, it is a sprout, in the second it grows to the size of a block, in the third, it does not grow anymore but after a few moments more leaves grow on it and it becomes a double plant, you just have to wait for the corn to rise or speed it up with a bone meal.

  • You can make popcorn by cooking the corn seeds in the oven, and then make a pack of popcorn to get more energy.


  • With this well you can have water or lava anywhere, you no longer need to carry two buckets of water to have infinite water, you just have to fill the well with water or lava and you will get infinite water or lava.


  • Yes, the tents are back, they work the same as before, you just have to place them. It is important to take into account that to break the tents you must break the block located in one corner of the tent.


  • This fun musical instrument has four strings and plays four sounds when used randomly


  • This instrument produces sounds when played and is very easy to build, it is made with wooden planks and grizzly bear leather.


  • Campfires work similarly to vanilla Minecraft, due to incompatibilities in Minecraft version 1.18, campfires have undergone slight changes. At the moment the star campfire and the pyramid campfire are not functional, the Polynesian campfire works correctly, it takes 7 seconds to cook. Reflector Campfire cooks 2 types of meat at once and takes 15 seconds to cook. (Campfires cannot cook different types of meat at once, only 1 type of meat at a time)

Campfires accept the following types of meats:

  • Beef
  • Porkchop
  • Cod
  • Salmon
  • Rabbit (only at the Polynesian campfire)
  • Potato
  • Mutton
  • Chicken

Campfire in star

  • * No feature at the moment, features will be added in another update

Campfire in pyramid

  • * No feature at the moment, features will be added in another update

Campfire in Polynesian

  • * Cooks only one meat at a time and takes seven seconds to cook

Reflecting Campfire

  • *You can cook all kinds of meat except rabbit meat, it takes 15 seconds to cook.


  • Rocks occur naturally all over the world, and can be built with cobblestone.


  • *The bushes appear naturally everywhere, breaking them will give you grape seeds.


  • Now you can illuminate your favorite places in a more rustic way with these new lamps, the lamps can be turned on and off by touching them, fixed aesthetic bugs.

Trunk to sit

  • These seats are built with all types of wood, to sit on them you just have to touch it, and jump to get out of the seat


  • To make the wine you must first sow the grape seeds, the grape seeds are obtained from the bushes of this complement. In addition, the seeds can also be obtained from the grape clusters, first, you must sow the grape seeds and wait for it to go through its 3 stages, when it reaches its final stage leaves will grow, and in these leaves, the clusters of grapes will grow that you can collect by touching the leaves. If the grape leaves break, they will grow back after a while.

  • The grape crop can be extended to the sides with an easy-to-build stick, if you place the stick between the leaves, vines will grow and the crop can be extended to 1 more bunch without waiting for another seed to grow. Stick can only be placed between the grape leaves, it cannot be placed anywhere else).

  • There are three different types of grapes, when you have the grapes you must get the Grape Juice with the table wine. First you must place the grape on the wine table and an empty bucket under it, so you will get the grape juice. Grape juice cures effects like milk, unlike fermented grape juice, which loses these benefits and does not cure effects.

  • Once you get the Grape Juice you must ferment it in barrels for fermentation, you place the Grape Juice in the barrel and you must wait for it to go through its 4 stages, you can see the fermentation status in the barrels status-bar when the bar fills up you can get the Fermented Grape Juice by touching the barrel with an empty bucket.

  • When you get the Fermented Grape Juice you must place it on the wine table, and place an empty bottle below it to obtain a bottle of quality wine 0.10%

  • There are several types of wine quality, and each quality has different effects, to increase the quality of the wine you must place a bottle of wine and another bottle of the same quality under it to obtain a bottle of wine of the following quality, for example, if you put 2 bottles of wine of 0.10% quality you will get a bottle of 0.20% quality, and if you put 2 bottles of wine of 0.20% quality you will get a bottle of 0.30% quality of the following way. The maximum quality is 0.90%.

Potato Plant

  • This crop will help you get more potatoes more efficiently, first you must place a potato on the crafting table and get the potato sprout, these sprouts are the seeds that you can plant just like any seed, you must wait for the crop to pass due to its 4 stages, when the crop reaches its end it will wither and take on a duller and lifeless color, at this stage a great variety of potatoes will have already grown on its roots, you must destroy the cropland under the plant to obtain from 4 – 7 potatoes (this is random) this crop block contains the plant potatoes and can no longer be used to grow more seeds on it.

Trunk to chop

  • With these tables you can multiply your food, you just have to place meat on the table, and cut it with an ax (accepts all Minecraft axes) you can randomly get meat with a cut or 2 pieces of meat, these pieces are equal to one complete meat so you would be receiving double the meat (it is compatible with all types of cooked meat)


Wild hen

  • These chickens appear all over the world, they are similar to normal Minecraft chickens, they reproduce with seeds and drop eggs, there are 2 variants of chickens, the white chicken, and the brown chicken. These chickens can enter the chicken coops, the chicken coops are built with sticks and planks

  • For the chickens to enter the chicken coops you must place wheat in them, when the chicken coops have wheat the chickens will enter them and start laying eggs, after a while the chickens will lay 1 or 2 eggs, they can be white eggs, oranges o 1 golden egg, the golden egg can be placed as a trophy or melted in a furnace to get 1 gold ingot, if you don’t remove the eggs from the chicken coops after a while they will hatch and chickens will be born, so the chickens come back To enter the chicken coops you must place more wheat in the chicken coops.

  • *All eggs can be cooked and get fried eggs from them


  • Fireflies appear at night and give a better atmosphere to the game, they glow in the dark. They reproduce with flowers.


  • Raccoons appear all over the world and drop tails depending on the variant, there are only 2 variants, the gray raccoon and the brown raccoon. They reproduce with sweet berries and feed on beef (fillets). They are cured with pork chops and beef. At the moment the raccoon tails have no functions, they will be added in another update.

Grizzly bear

  • These new bears spawn all over the world and are neutral, spawn with honeycomb, attack foxes and fish, can be healed with Salmon and fish, destroy nearby honeycombs and do so stain themselves with honey (honey will disappear after a while) by killing them they will give you their leather, with bear leather you can do various things.

Bear rug

  • *This rug can be rotated with a stick

Ushanka hat

  • *a fun hat that works as a helmet and protects you.

Red panda

  • Red pandas appear only in the jungle, they eat apples, beets, and bamboo, and they only reproduce with apples.


  • Rats appear naturally all over the world, they run away from players and wolves, they attack chickens, they breed with beef and can be tamed with cheese, when you tame them you can seat them so they don’t get lost, they also cure with cheese, the cheese is obtained with a bucket of milk.

  • *Rats are very fast, to attract them you must build a flashlight called Light, with this light the rats will follow you.


  • Snakes are generated all over the world and have 3 variants, they reproduce with beef, they attack rats, the player and the villagers, when the kills will drop the snake fang, this fang poisons whoever you attack with it ( some mobs like zombie and spider are immune to poison so this fang has no effect on them). They drop snake eggs very often, these eggs can be cooked or placed on the floor, by placing them on the floor after a while they will hatch and a snake will be born.

Important Note:

  • Some blocks can only be rotated with a stick, due to coding limitations, campfires, as well as the carpet, can be rotated with a stick, campfires can only be rotated when they are off

Installation Note:

  • These Experimental Settings must be activated to run this mod properly.

How to install:

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Rustic Nature Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior (v2): Download from Server 1

Resource (v2): Download from Server 1

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