SchopCraft Mod 1.12.2 makes Minecraft more difficult (or just annoying) by adding temperature, thirst, sanity, being a ghost and wetness mechanics to the game. It makes Minecraft harder, cooler, and something in-between.

SchopCraft Mod

Eventually, this mod will add hardship with new mechanics added to the game, new ways to survive, new ways to influence magic, and new ways to influence yourself (and possibly others, if you’re good).

This is a mod influenced heavily by the (discontinued) EnviroMine mod, the Tough As Nails mod, and the external game Don’t Starve.

Features and Screenshots:


This is the main feature/culprit of the mod. It should be fairly self-explanatory, just like in mods that also implemented this.

You can warm yourself up by:

  • Being in warm biomes.
  • Wearing leather armor (and sometimes metal armor).
  • Standing near heat sources (such as fire and burning furnaces).
  • Eating warm food.
  • Being out in the sun.

You can cool yourself down by:

  • Being in cold biomes.
  • Being out at night.
  • Eating cold foods.
  • Being drenched in water.
  • Sometimes wearing metal armor.

It is possible to perish from overheating as well from freezing. Go figure. The side effects of hyperthermia, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, extreme heat, etc. include fatigue, sweating, dehydration, nausea, and death if it’s serious. Extreme cold, hypothermia, etc. include heavy fatigue and death if it gets serious.

SchopCraft Mod Features 1


  • Like many mods that implemented thirst, it’s a measure of how thirsty the player is. The lower the bar, the thirstier you are. It can be quenched in a few ways right now.
  • The first method is right clicking (or left clicking) a block of water with your bare fist. It’ll probably damage you a bit, since it’s dirty water, but it does the job. Do this two million more times and you’ll be a successful health-to-thirst factory.
  • A better method is to use a canteen. It can be used to grab water form a water block or from a cauldron with some water in it (the HydroPouch needs it completely full). Once grabbed, the canteen can be combined with a charcoal filter to filter the water (if it’s dirty, which is most likely). It can then be cooled down with a snowball.
  • A HydroPouch is an improved canteen that takes an entire water source block, and can be sipped 12 times instead of 3.
  • Cauldrons act as rain collectors. While it’s raining, they fill up and you can collect the fresh rain water from them as you would from a normal water source block.
  • Glass bottles currently don’t do anything related to thirst. Canteens do the trick just fine.

SchopCraft Mod Features 2


  • This is a measure of your mental health. The lower it is, the more likely you’ll see and hear hallucinations, and the more likely “They” will spawn.. Get it down very low and “They” will attack you. “They” really like areas void of sanity.
  • Who are “They”? I don’t know. Find out for me.
  • Your sanity can be lowered by being alone, being in the dark, being drenched for too long, being near hostile mobs, eating bad food, and anything considered “insane.” It can be gained by being near friendly mobs, eating good food (or “happy” food), sleeping, and anything considered “sane.” Low sanity can kill you… indirectly.

SchopCraft Mod Features 3


  • This mechanic doesn’t play too big of a role in the mod, but it’s here. It’s a measure of how drenched you are in water. Of course, being in water increases it and not being in water decreases it.
  • It is also possible to dry off by standing in the sunlight or by some other heat source.

Ghost Mode

  • Upon death, you’ll respawn as a ghost on your point of death. If you happen to die in another dimension, you’ll probably respawn either by the corresponding portal in the Overworld or near the world spawn point (0,0).
  • As a ghost, you are quite limited on what you can do. You can’t pick up items, interact with anything, nor see yourself. On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about those other mechanics, and you’re also invincible. You also make other players feel anxious and cold when you’re in their presence.
  • At night, you gain energy (measured in Ghastly Plasmic Units, or GPUs) which’ll enable you to sprint, move faster, and show yourself to the living world.
  • Resurrection is achievable, if you’ve done the proper steps before you died. In order to come back to life (and worry about a bunch of mechanics again), create some… thing as shown below:

SchopCraft Mod Features 4

  • You need to place 4 soul sand blocks in a nice diamond, with a torch on the top of each one of them. In the middle, you’ll need a lucid block.
  • To enact the legit process, somehow place a NORMAL GOLDEN APPLE in the center of it all (so, inside of the lucid block. Dropping it in there from another person or dispenser should do). With the golden apple in place, step inside of the lucid block, watch the particle show, and get struck by lightning to feel alive again. The lucid block disappears shortly after, along with the golden apple.

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod


  • A canteen is a little container used to store water for drinking.
  • To retrieve water, right click on water (or a cauldron with rainwater). The water you get depends on these conditions:
    • If the canteen is empty, it fills up with water the biome would supply.
    • If the canteen is partially full, it refills with water the biome would supply.
    • If the canteen is full, it is emptied.
  • The water you’ll get depends on the biome the water is in.
    • Ocean -> Salt water
    • Swamp -> Dirty
    • Cold biomes -> Dirty, Cold, Fresh
    • Other biomes -> Dirty, Fresh
  • Collecting from a cauldron (which acts like a rain collector) while it’s raining will yield some nice, fresh rainwater.
  • To take a sip, hold right click. You can see the amount of sips in the item’s tooltip (Go into your inventory and move your mouse over the canteen).
  • The canteen has 100 durability. Every time it’s used to collect water, empty itself, or quench a player’s thirst, its durability is decreased by one.

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 1

Filtered Water Canteen (uses Dirty Water Canteen)

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 2

Cold Water Canteen (uses Filtered Water Canteen)

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 3

Charcoal Filter

  • A charcoal filter is a neat tool that can be crafted together with some dirty water canteen to filter it. Filtered water is much better for your health than dirty water.

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 4

Feather Fan

  • The Feather Fan is a big fan that when right clicked makes a cool whoosh sound and instantly cools the player down.
  • It has 7 uses. Use it wisely. Perhaps in the Nether. The Nether sucks with this mod.

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 5


  • This is pretty much a canteen, but with 12 sips each fill, and 300 durability. It’s great.
  • Keep in mind that it consumes the water block upon filling it up.

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 6

Filtered Water HydroPouch (uses Dirty Water HydroPouch)

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 7

Cold Water HydroPouch (uses Filtered Water HydroPouch)

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 8

Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream is a nice dairy treat that upon consumed gives a nice boost to sanity, along with cooling down the player. That’s it. It’s great.

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 9


  • A towel is an item that can be used to drench one’s self or dry one’s self.
  • To use the towel, hold right click and the towel will dry you off, transferring your wetness to the towel, until the towel is completely saturated of water. If you try to dry off while the towel is completely wet, it won’t dry you off. Common sense.
  • Sneak while holding right click to do the opposite; transfer the towel’s wetness to the player. This can be useful for extreme heat, as an emergency cooldown.
  • Right click on water (or a cauldron with water) and it’ll make the towel wet.
  • The towel has a tooltip that will display the wetness of the towel. A towel’s wetness can be affected the same way the player’s wetness can be affected (diving in water, standing in rain, standing near a fire, etc.).
  • The towel has 100 durability. Every time you soak it in water, dry off or drench on, it decreases its durability by one.

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 10

Lucid Block

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 11

Lucid Dream Essence

SchopCraft Mod Crafting Recipes 12


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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