Certain commands in Minecraft are too long to memorize, to a point where you will have to copy paste the command from elsewhere. If you are in the process of executing a number of commands, the constant opening and closing of the game window to browse and find the required command can be quite an inconvenience. Simplify Mod (1.20.1) is here to help you. This mod introduces some new short commands that will help you achieve the same results as commands that would otherwise be very long. Some of these commands even have custom GUIs that will help you set specific data values. A list of commands and their uses are given below.


  • /MaxHealth – Changes Max Health for Player/Entity
  • /Damage – Changes damage for Player/Entity
  • /Knockback – Changes how far a Player/Entity can hit something
  • /KnockbackResist – Changes how much knockback is applied to the Player/Entity
  • /Armor – Changes how much armor a Player/Entity has
  • /SimplifyGive – Opens a simple item giver for the Player
  • /SimplifySummon – Opens a simple mob summoner for the Player
  • /Rename – Renames the item in your main hand
  • /Skull – Gives you a player’s head
  • /Brighten – Brightens the players view
  • /Dim – Dims the player’s view
  • You can also execute the /Simplify command to view these commands in-game.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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