Skytils Mod (1.8.9) is a really useful mod for skyblock, including things like a Simon Says solver in f7, clientside armor redye, autoaccept reparty, custom key and command shortcuts, spamhider for a number of things like cooldown, abilities, etc. Has solvers for every dungeon puzzle, hp display for necron and sadan, terracotta timer, and many other features. A Hypixel Skyblock Utilities mod.



  • Client Side Custom Armor Colors (with animated rainbow)
  • Custom Command Aliases
  • Griffin Burrow Locator and Waypoints
  • Track Mythological Event drops
  • Track Gaia Construct Hits
  • Reparty Command Which Yields to Other Mods
  • Auto Accept Reparty
  • Custom Key Shortcuts
  • Better Auction House Price Input
  • Copy Deaths to Clipboard
  • Spam Hider for
    • Profile messages
    • Mort messages
    • Boss messages
    • Oruo (Trivia puzzle) messages
    • Autopet messages
    • Ability messages
      • Implosion
      • Midas Staff
      • Spirit Sceptre
      • Giant Sword
      • Livid Dagger
      • Staff of the Rising Sun
    • Cooldown messages
    • Mana messages
    • Blocks in the way messages
    • Dungeon blessings
    • Wither & blood key pickups
    • Superboom TNT pickups
    • Revive stone pickups
    • Combo messages
    • Blessing enchant and bait messages
    • Wither and Undead Essence unlock messages
    • Healing messages
    • Sea Creature and Fishing Treasure messages
    • Compact Enchantment messages
    • Mining ability messages
  • Custom Spam Hider
    • 3 modes: StartsWith, Contains, Regex
    • Toggle for skyblock only
    • Custom Name and Pattern
    • Can use unformatted or formatted text
    • Works with existing spam GUI element
    • Custom Enchant Names
    • Moveable Item Highlight
    • The text for item name that shows up when you swap items
    • Moveable Action Bar
    • The text used to display skyblock information. Doesn’t show up when using anything that removes text.


  • Blaze Solver Which Replaces The Skin Textures
  • Boulder Puzzle Solver
  • Simon Says Solver
  • Trivia Solver (updated with the latest answers)
  • Three Weirdo Solver
  • Spirit Leap Names
  • Click in Order Terminal Solver
  • Ice Path Solver
  • Creeper Beams Solver
  • Target Shooting Solver
  • Alignment Device Solver
  • Tic Tac Toe Solver
  • Select All Color Solver
  • Stop Dropping, Salvaging, and Selling Starred Dungeon Items
  • Bigger Bat Rendering and Bat Hitbox Display
  • Giant, Sadan, and Necron HP Display
  • Better Sadan Interest Timer (Terracotta Phase)
  • Score Calculation
  • Dungeon Timer
  • Necron Phase Timer
  • Dungeon reroll Confirmation
  • Skeleton Master Boxes
  • Correct Livid Finder (with M5 support)
  • Dungeon Chest Profit
  • Simple Dungeon Map
  • Guardian Respawn Timer
  • Boxed Tanks and Protected Teammates
  • Tank Range Display Circle
  • Auto Reparty on Dungeon End
  • Dungeon Death Counter
  • Giant HP at the Giant’s Feet
  • Sadan Phase Timers
  • Spirit Leap Highlights for Names and Classes
  • Big Crypts Counter
  • Highlight Spirit Bow


  • Hungry Hiker solver
  • Treasure Hunter Solver


  • Fetchur Solver
  • Puzzler Solver
  • Raffle Waypoint and Warning
  • Show hidden sneaky creepers
  • Dark Mode Mist
  • More Visible Ghosts
  • Recolor Carpets
  • Highlight Completed Commissions
  • Crystal Hollows Map
  • Crystal Hollows Waypoints


  • Pet Item Confirmation
  • Highlight Active & Favorite Pets
  • Hide Implosion Particles
  • Hide Midas Staff Gold Blocks
  • Big Item Drops
  • Larger Heads
  • Show Enchanted Book, Potion, Minion Tiers, and Dungeon Stars
  • Show Pet Candies
  • Only Collect Enchanted Items
  • Dungeon Potion Lock
  • Power Orb Lock
  • Prevent Placing Spirit Sceptre and Flower of Truth
  • Transparent Head Layer
  • Show NPC Sell Values
  • Show Price of Items in the Experimentation Table
  • Jerry-chine Gun Sound Hider
  • Show Enchanted Book Abbreviation
  • Show Radioactive Bonus
  • Block Zapper Fatigue Timer
  • Etherwarp Teleport Display


  • Show Slayer RNG Progress as the Boss Bar
  • Soulflow Display
    • Requires your Soulflow talisman to be in your inventory
  • Low Soulflow Ping
    • Requires your Soulflow talisman to be in your inventory
  • Slayer display
  • Yang Glyph Ping and Highlight
  • Nukekebi Skull Highlight
  • Seraph Display
  • Broken Heart Radiation Hider for Others’ Bosses
  • Slayer Time to Kill
  • Re-color seraph boss
  • This shows different phases such as Malevolent Hitshield and Yang Glyph


  • Hide Witherborn Boss Bars
  • Hide Fire and Lightning
  • Custom Damage Splash
  • Legion and Dolphin player displays
  • Alerts for Hidden Jerry spawns
  • Relic and Rare Uber Relic waypoints
  • Stop other mods from cancelling terminal clicks
  • Slayer miniboss spawn alert
  • Hide fishing hooks from other players
  • Placed Summoning Eye Display
  • Spider’s Den Rain Timer
  • Stop Dropping Valuable Items (customizable BIN value)
  • Trapper cooldown alarm + Click anywhere to accept Trapper Task
  • Rare drop sounds for mythological event drops
  • Highlight disabled potion effects in cookie menu
  • Hidden Jerry Timer
  • Hidden Jerry & Jerry Box Tracker
  • Jerry Perk Display
  • Remove Left Over Bleeds from Minotaurs
  • Hide Dying Mobs
  • Cooldown Tracker
  • /g leave confirmation
  • SBA Chroma fix with Optimized Font Renderer from Patcher
  • Prehistoric Egg Blocks Walked
  • Auto Copy Rare Drops


  • /skytils – Opens the main GUI. (Alias is /st)
  • /skytils config – Opens the GUI to edit the config.
  • /skytils help – Displays the various commands and their usages
  • /skytils reload <data/mayor/slayer> – Forces Skytils to refresh of data.
  • /skytils fetchur – Displays the current Fetchur item for the day.
  • /skytils griffin refresh – Forces a refresh for the Griffin burrow waypoints.
  • /skytils aliases – Opens the GUI to edit command aliases.
  • /skytils editlocations (/skytils editlocation, gui, loc) – Opens the GUI to modify HUD element locations.
  • /skytils shortcuts – Opens the GUI to modify keybind shortcuts.
  • /skytils spam – Opens the GUI to modify spam filters.
  • /skytils enchant – Opens the GUI to customize enchant names.
  • /skytilscata – Shows information about a player’s Catacombs statistics.
  • /skytilsslayer – Shows information about a player’s Slayer statistics.
  • /armorcolor <set/clear/clearall> – Changes the color of an armor piece to the hexcode or decimal color provided. (can also be accessed by /skytils armorcolor)
  • /reparty (/rp) – Disbands and sends a party invite to everyone who was in your party.
  • /glintcustomize override <on/off/clear/clearall> – Change the visibility of enchantment glints for the item.
  • /glintcustomize color <set/clear/clearall> – Change the enchant glint color for the item.
  • /trackcooldown – Set a cooldown for an item ability to track
  • /sthw <set/remove/clear/help> – Allows to set waypoints while in the Crystal Hollows.



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