Sleeping Overhaul Mod 1.12.2 replaces the vanilla “skip-to-day” function of sleep with a cool and immersive time-lapse sleep (speeds up time), among other configurable sleep enhancements.

Sleeping Overhaul Mod

The time-lapse is not a simulation – the actual tick-rate of the world is sped-up. This is achieved by using the TickrateChanger mod by Guichaguri.


  • When all players are in a bed, Time-lapse occurs instead of skipping to day – the world speeds up to a maximum of 1000 ticks/second.
  • Set a custom “night-time start” for the sake of sleeping (I.e. force players to stay up later than usual).
  • Customize the horizontal/vertical safety check distance (I.e. range for “You cannot sleep now” because of nearby mobs).
  • Shows a clock on the screen while sleeping/laying in bed.
  • If half or more of online players are laying in a bed, a polite reminder will be periodically sent to other players to find a bed themselves or log-off (exact message is customizable in config).
  • If a new player logs-in or any player leaves the bed while time-lapse sleep is occurring, time-lapse will immediately end.
  • The ability to sleep at any time of the day and keep sleeping during the day. This obviously overrides any custom “night-time start” setting. Also note that player(s) must manually wake themselves up, otherwise they’ll just keep sleeping forever.


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Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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