Soopy Mod (1.8.9) is a Chattriggers module for Hypixel Skyblock that adds many quality of life features.



  • /addwaypoint [name] [x] [y] [z] [r] [g] [b] [area] – Creates a Waypoint.
  • /delwaypoint [name] – Deletes a Waypoint.
  • /clearwaypoints – Clears ALL Waypoints.
  • /savewaypoints – Copies the Waypoints to Clipboard.
  • /loadwaypoints – Loads Waypoints from Clipboard.
  • Show info in Chat – Toggle chat message send when Waypoints are changed.
  • Load Waypoints from “/patcher sendcoords” – Toggle setting.
  • Crystal Hollows (CH) Waypoints – Toggle synching CH Waypoints between all Soopy users in the lobby.
  • Ordered Waypoints Line – Toggle drawing a line from waypoint to waypoint, Alphabetical order.


  • Box Around Bestiary Mobs – Toggle Mob Highlight.
  • Bestiary Slot #x – Renders Kills of a Certain Mob on HUD.
  • Bestiary Slot #x Type – Dropdown to select mob to render.
  • Bestiary Slot #x Location – Change the Location of the Kills Number.

Better Guis

  • Improve Clicks on SBMENU – Toggle changing clicks to middle-clicks and using commands for certain Menu items.
  • Custom Museum GUI – Toggle Custom Museum GUI. *Work in Progress
  • Custom Dungeon Ready GUI – Toggle a Custom Dungeon Ready-Up menu allowing user to click a large button to ready up. Warns user if less than 5 members.
  • Inventory Search Bar – Toggle a custom inventory search bar to highlight items. Causes significant frame drops when used
  • Custom HP and Mana bar – Toggle Soopy’s Custom Mana and Health Bar.May not work with other mods that modify how health and mana are displayed

Dungeon Solvers

  • Correct Livid Finder – Toggle finding the Correct Livid during Boss.
  • Show Livid HP – Toggle HUD element with HP of the Correct Livid.
  • Correct Livid HP Location – Move the Show Livid HP GUI element.
  • Put a Box Around the Correct Livid – Toggle a Box around the Correct Livid.
  • Hide the Nametags of Incorrect Livid – Self Explanatory.
  • Timer for Spirit Bow Disintegration – Toggle HUD Element showing when the f4/m4 spirit bow will Disintegrate.
  • Spirit Bow Disintegration Timer Location – Move the Spirit Bow Disintegration HUD element.
  • Timer for Spirit Bear Spawn – Toggle HUD Element showing Spirit Bear spawning time.
  • Spirit Bear Spawning Timer Location – Move the Spirit Bear Spawn Timer HUD element.
  • Fire Freeze Timer (f3/m3) – Toggle HUD element showing a timer for when to use Fire Freeze Staff on the Professor in f3/m3.
  • Fire Freeze Timer Location – Move Fire Freeze Timer HUD element.
  • Assist Blood Camp – Render a box where the Blood Mob will spawn. *May be affected by lag
  • Show Run Speed and EXP Rates – Toggle HUD element showing Run speed and EXP/Hour. Accounts for downtime as well.
  • Run Speed and EXP Rates Location – Move Run Speed and EXP Rates HUD Element.
  • Show Score Calculation – Toggle calculating Score in Dungeon and Shows Secrets and Crypts needed for S and S+.
  • Score Calculation Location – Move Score Calculation HUD element.
  • Blaze Puzzle Solver – Toggle Drawing lines between Correct Blaze to kill for Higher or Lower puzzle. (Blaze Puzzle)
  • Terracotta Respawn Timer – Toggle a timer shown above the terracotta block showing the time until it spawns a new Terracotta.
  • Bonzo/Spirit Mask Timer – Toggle a timer for Bonzo Mask, Fragged Bonzo Mask, and Spirit Mask cooldowns. Only Shows in Dungeons.
  • Bonzo/Spirit Mask TImer Location – Move Bonzo/Spirit Mask HUD element.
  • Spirit Mask Timer Outside Dungeons – Toggle Showing Spirit Mask Cooldown when outside dungeons.
  • Bonzo/Spirit Mask Alert – Toggle showing a large title on screen telling user that the specific mask has proc’ed.
  • Custom messages for the Bonzo/Spirit Mask Alert – Self Explanatory.
  • Change Withermancer Death Message to Forgor – Toggle changing the withermancer death message to :skull_crossbones: Forgor.
  • Waypoints for P3 f7/m7 – Toggle showing unfinished terminals and devices for p3.
  • Show How many Terminals and Devices players did – Toggle, shows in chat at end of p3.
  • Ice Spray Drop Ping – Toggle a large title displayed so you don’t miss an Ice Spray.
  • f3/m3 Guardian HP – Toggle showing the Guardian HP in a large font in the middle of the mob


  • Load Burials From Particles – Toggle finding Diana burials from particles. requires particles to be on in settings
  • Estimate Burial Location from Ancestral Spade – Toggle showing a line and a box to the burial location.requires default hypixel music disabled, particles on, and audio on.
  • Toggle Music – Automatically toggles default hypixel music.
  • Show location of other Soopy Users’ Inquisitor – Toggle showing the location of other people’s inquisitors in your lobby.
  • Show “Inquis Spawned” Title – Toggle, Helpful for lootshare.
  • Only show Inquisitor location to party – Toggle, only allow party members to see the location of your Inquisitor.
  • Only RECIEVE Inquisitor location from party – Toggle, only see the location of party members’ Inquisitors.
  • Render Mythos Mob HP – Toggle GUI element showing the HP of your spawned mob.
  • Mythos Mob HP Location – Move Mythos Mobs HP GUI element.
  • Warp Key for Mythos Burial
  • Set Warp Keybind – Must be in the form “KEY_” (to unbind, use CHAR_NONE).
  • Tia Fairy Task – Toggle Solver for Relay Puzzle
  • Shiny Block Highlight – Toggle, Highlights Ender Nodes in the End
  • Glowing Mushroom Highlight – Toggle, Highlights glowing mushrooms when in Glowing Mushroom Cave.
  • Trevor the Tracker Waypoints – Toggle, shows a waypoint for the Trevor the Trapper quest.

Frag Bot

  • To host a fragbot, type /fragbot. Currently only accepts party invites to make you a fragbot.

Global Settings

  • API Key
  • Verify Api Key
  • Run /api new
  • Attempt to load API key from other mods
  • Send Chat message “Update Available” for all updates – Toggle
  • Dark Theme – Toggle Inverted colors, not true dark mode
  • Hide Falling Blocks – Toggle, Slightly Laggy
  • Ingame Twitch Bot Commands – Toggle, Allows you to use -sa and -math in the ingame chat
  • Replace [hand] with Current Held Item – Toggle, use in party chat, guild chat, or /msg.
  • Item Value in Lore – Toggle, Approximation.
  • Hecatomb/Champion Enchant Info in Lore – Toggle
  • Thunder Bottle Progress Display – Toggle, Shows how full your Thunder Bottles are.
  • Thunder Bottle Progress Location – Move Thunder Bottle Progress GUI element.
  • Thunder Bottle Full Alert – Toggle Alert when Thunder Bottle is Full
  • Old Master Stars – Toggle, Replace the New Master Stars with the Old red stars.
  • SBA Item Pickup Log – Use this if using the Old Master Stars setting to prevent SBA from going brrrr.
  • SBA Item Pickup Log Location – Move SBA Item Pickup Log GUI element.
  • Pickup Log Line Limit – Limit how mant items the pickup log can show at a time.
  • Fancy Mob Spawn Alerts – Toggles, Vanquishers, Thunder, and Jawbus (there is a Sea Creature toggle for the Thunder and Jawbus).

Guild Features

  • Shorten Guild Message Prefix – Toggle, Changes “Guild >” to “G >”
  • Bridge Bot IGN – Set the ign of the bridge bot for your guild to make the messages cleaner.


  • FPS Enabled – Toggle, Show FPS
  • Fast FPS Update – Toggle, Show real-time FPS instead of updating every second.
  • Low FPS Display – Toggle, Show Minimum Frame time next to FPS, useful for finding framedrops.
  • Show CPS – Toggle, Shows CPS.
  • CPS Include Right-Click – Toggle, Show Right-clicks in the CPS GUI element.
  • CPS Seperate Right-Click – Toggle, Seperate the Right and Left clicks in CPS Display.
  • Show Current Pet – Toggle, Shows Current Active Pet.
  • Scan Pets Menu – Toggle, Scan pets menu to find current pet. *Can cause lag
  • Show Location – Toggle, Show current XYZ Coords.
  • Show Soulflow – Toggle, Show current amount of soulflow.
  • Show when 0 Soulflow – Toggle, Disables “Show Soulflow” when at 0 soulflow if disabled.
  • Show Lobby TPS – Toggle, Shows Current Lobby TPS.
  • Show Wither Impact Cooldown – Toggle, Renders a small timer above crosshair.
  • Show Current Playing Spotify Song – Toggle, Only Works with Windows Spotify Desktop App.
  • Show Current Lobby Day – Toggle.
  • Show Current Lobby Day ONLY when under day 30 – Toggle.
  • Alert when potions are about to run out – Toggle.
  • Show potions on HUD – Toggle.
  • HUD Stat Ignore Skill Level Cap – Toggle, Allows displaying skill above level 60.
  • Show level-up message – Toggle, Show level-up message for skill above level 60.
  • HUD Stat Slot #x – Toggle, render custom stat on HUD.
  • HUD Stat Slot #x Type – Dropdown menu, choose a stat to show on HUD.
  • HUD Stat Slot #x Only On SkyBlock – Toggle.
  • Show Dragon Damage – Toggle, shows top 3 + yourself.

Locked Features

  • Features only certain users and guilds have access to.


  • Show Bal HP – Toggle, Estimation.
  • Bal HP and Respawn Timer on HUD – Toggle.
  • Bal Pet Alert – Toggle.
  • Show Unlocked Gemstone Slots – Toggle, show unlocked gemstone slots on an item.
  • Show Contained Gemstones – Toggle, Shows current gemstones on an item.
  • Show Compact Blocks in Current Session – Toggle, HUD element for compacted blocks. (compact enchant)
  • Only Show Compact Progress when Above 0 – Toggle.
  • Show $/Hour Made from Gemstone Mining – Toggle.
  • Force NPC Price for $/Hour – Toggle, for Ironman.
  • Show Current and Next Crystal Hollows Event – Toggle, syncs between all soopy users with the setting toggled.
  • Metal Detector Solver – Toggle
  • Alert when All 4 Scavenged tools in Inventory – Toggle


  • Mastery Timer – Toggle, Countdown until block turns red.
  • Show Next Block for Dojo Swiftness – Toggle.
  • Show Line for Fireball in Dojo Tenacity – Toggle.
  • Show Overlay for Zombies in Dojo Discipline – Toggle, highlights the mobs that match the sword in your hand.
  • Show Test of Control Hitbox – Toggle, Accounts for ping and shows correct one when they split.
  • Show Hostage Waypoints – Toggle, shows the rescue mission waypoints.
  • Show timer over rod – Toggle, Timer for slugfish.
  • Nether Miniboss Nametag HUD – Toggle.


  • RNG Meter Info Display – Toggle, shows info for the rng meter
  • Slayer Meter Reset Alert – Toggle, reminds you to set rng after dropping the selected one.
  • Slayer RNG Drop Title – Toggle, Renders Large tiele on screen when RNG is dropped.


  • Show Slayer EXP on Boss Kill – Toggle, shows total slayer EXP and time taken to spawn + kill boss.
  • Show Boss Slain Alert – Toggle, Shows when boss is killed.
  • Show Boss Spawned Alert – Toggle, Shows when boss is spawned.
  • Show Boss Spawn and Kill time – Toggle, Shows Slayer Boss Speed.
  • Boss Spawn and Kill Time Accuracy – Dropdown, up to 4 decimal places.
  • Show Boss Kill Time – Toggle
  • Boss Kill Time Accuracy – Dropdown, up to 4 decimal places.
  • Miniboss Alert – Toggle.
  • Make Sound when Miniboss Spawned – Toggle.
  • Draw Box Around Miniboss – Toggle.
  • Draw Box Around Area Minibosses – Toggle, Voidling Extremist and Mellinia-Old Blaze.
  • Disable Miniboss Features when Boss Spawned – Toggle, Boosts FPS.
  • List Nearby Miniboss HP on Screen – Toggle, Shows HP as well.
  • Hide Mob Nametag when Dead – Improvement to Skytils’ Hide Dead Entity.
  • Box Around Enderman Slayer Boss – Toggle.
  • Box and Line to the Enderman Beacon – Toggle.
  • DinkDonk when beacon is thrown – Toggle, makes noise.
  • DinkDonk only 1 time – Toggle, sounds more pleasent.
  • Sound for DinkDonk – Dropdown, pling and orb.
  • Box Around Nekekubi Fixations – Toggle.
  • Render Enderman HP on Screen – Toggle
  • Eman HYP hits before Daedalus Axe Swap – Toggle
  • Enter Hyperion Damage in Text Box – Number is in millions. (eg. 1.24 for 1,240,000)
  • Enter Eman HP you want a warning at – Number is in millions. 0-210.
  • Thunderlord level – Choose 5, 6, or 7.
  • Summons Features – Toggle.
  • Hide Summons Nametags – Toggle.
  • Warning when Summon is Low – Toggle, enter %hp to warn at.
  • Render HP of Summons on Screen – Toggle.
  • Timer for Lazer Phase – Toggle.
  • Show Slayer Speed and EXP rates – Toggle.
  • DinkDonk for Fire Pillar – Toggle.
  • Show Slayer Progress in Middle of Screen When Close – Toggle, Blame Dulkir >:(
  • Show other Users’ slayer boss locations – Toggle, they must be using soopy with slayer category enabled.
  • Disable Eman TP Client-Side – Toggle.
  • Hotkey to Pick your Eman Boss.
  • Set Keybind – Must be formatted as KEY_ or CHAR_NONE if you choose to leave it blank.
  • Disable Keybind – Toggle, for when boss is not yours.
  • Arachne Main Toggle.
  • Box Around Arachne Keeper – Toggle.
  • Arachne Keeper Spawn Alert – Toggle.
  • Nested Endermite Spawn Alert – Toggle.

Spam Hider

  • Hide Some Messages – Toggle, Removes some spammy messages from chat.
  • Move Some Messages to Spam Hider – Toggle, Moves Potentially useful messages to a “second chat.”
  • Move spammed Chat Messages to Spam Hider – Toggle, Move Spammed Messages (Such As Advertisements) to Spam Hider.
  • Spam Hider Text Shadow – Toggle.
  • Show friend join/leave message in Spam Hider – Toggle.
  • Show guild message in Spam Hider – Toggle.
  • Show Pet Level messagse in Spam Hider – Toggle.
  • Remove “There Are Blocks in the Way” message completely – Toggle.
  • Show autopet rules message in Spam Hider – Toggle.


  • Chest Miner Category – For Powder Grinding.
  • Compact Powder Messages – Toggle.
  • Show Correct Powder During 2x Powder – Toggle/
  • Powder Mining Features – Main Toggle.
  • Powder Info in Hud – Toggle.
  • /resetpowderdata – Reset the counter.
  • Mithril + Gemstone Powder/Hour in HUD – Toggle.
  • Chests/Hour in HUD – Toggle.
  • Reset Powder HUD when leaving Crystal Hollows – Toggle.
  • Reset Powder when Leaving Game – Toggle.
  • Alert when Chest is Mined Up – Toggle.
  • Chest Unlock Helper – Toggle, Shows where to look.
  • Gemstone Messages Hider – Toggle, hides the “You recieved x gemstone” message from powder mining.
  • Wishing Compass Message Hider – Toggle, same as Gemstone Message Hider.
  • Ascension Rope Hider – Toggle, Same as Gemstone Message Hider.
  • Show Area Treasure – Toggle, Show the area treasure (eg. Sludge Juice or Automaton Parts) in chat.
  • SCATHA! – Main Toggle for Scatha Features.
  • Scatha Counter HUD – Toggle, shows number of scathas on HUD when in Crystal Hollows.
  • Scatha Health HUD – Toggle, Show HP of the Scatha mob on HUD.
  • /scathaSet
  • – Manually set the scatha counter. (can also use /ss )
  • Worm / Scatha Spawn Alert – Toggle, Make a DinkDonk and title when a worm/scatha spawns.
  • Worm / Scatha Spawn Chat Message – Toggle, Show a message in chat when a worm/scatha spawns.
  • Pet Drop Alert – Toggle, DinkDonk when pet is dropped.

Stat Next To Name:

  • A pink star is Shown Next to other Soopy users’s names.
  • Stat To Show – Dropdown to select stat.
  • Use own API key to load the stat (faster) – Toggle. Maximum of 12 uses / min.



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