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Spellbound Weapons Mod (1.19.1, 1.19) adds 21 new high quality designed weapons to your Minecraft world, each aimed to give players a new way of combatting mobs over the generic vanilla way of just upgrading your weapon across ore tiers. Some can be found in loot chests, some can be dropped by mobs. Each one has their own rarities, special quirks, and uses for their own situations.



  • Swipes super fast, but deals low damage, additionally gives a small speed boost.
  • Can be found in dungeon chests but also in the hands of zombies.
  • Repair Item: Iron Shovel

Mega Hammer:

  • Has a long cooldown but will deal huge knockback to mobs you hit with it when fully charged.
  • Performing a crit when charged will bury the mob into the ground.
  • Find it in Dungeon chests or village weaponsmith chests.
  • Repair Item: Iron Axe

Windswept Sword:

  • Will sweep mobs you hit with sand, slowing them down for a couple seconds.
  • When sand particles begin to surround you, you can triple click sneak and push away nearby mobs
  • Find it in the hands of Husks, in Desert Temples, or in Shipwrecks
  • Repair Item: Stone Sword


  • A ranged weapon (uses arrows) that shoots almost instantly but is short ranged and deals low damage
  • Recipe will unlock after collecting 1 bamboo, alternatively can be found in Village fletcher chests
  • Repair Item: Bow

Bone Wand:

  • More of a support item, when used will place a block in the selected area you pick, mid air. Allows for bridging mid-air and placing temporary blocks without using any of your own
  • Triple click sneak to break all existing bone blocks that you placed
  • Find it broken as a rare drop from skeletons, or fully repaired in a dungeon chest.
  • Repair Item: Fishing Rod

Cursed Sea Blade:

  • A bunch of coral packed into the edge of a small sword, curses victims and… turns them into fish?
  • Doesnt do anything else, acts more as a collectors item. Can be found as a chance in buried treasure and big ocean ruins
  • Repair Item: Stone Sword

Blazing Sword:

  • Casts a line of fire on the mob you hit with it
  • Find it in Nether Fortress chests, or from a rare drop of wither skeletons
  • Repair Item: Stone Sword

Withering Sword:

  • Overtime deals more damage to mobs you hit, withering them away
  • Find it in Nether Fortress chests, or as a semi-rare drop of wither skeletons
  • Repair Item: Iron Sword

Evokers Wrath:

  • Casts a line of evoker fangs on the mob you hit
  • Press shift to release the fangs on range
  • Crits will place a bunch fangs near the mob you hit
  • Find it in Woodland Mansions or as 1/3 chance drop from an evoker
  • Repair Item: Iron Sword

Nether Staffs:

  • Comes in 3 variants, Ice, Fire, and Electric Staff
  • Can be found empty in Bastion Remnant chests and Nether fortresses
  • Follow its recipe for the three variants to see how to make it into a full staff
  • Repair Item: Fishing Rod

Magmus Bow:

  • An incredibly powerful ranged explosion bow, the more you charge it the bigger the bang
  • Recipe will unlock after collecting one netherite ingot
  • Max charged state can pierce through ice
  • Repair Item: Bow

Warped Crossbow:

  • Arrows shot through will have zero gravity, the range of the crossbow is slightly less
  • Can be found in piglin bartering or in Bastion chests
  • Repair Item: Crossbow

Chainfiring Crossbow:

  • Will shoot 5 extra arrows when charged, but use x3 more arrows than a normal crossbow
  • Can be found in the Hands of pillagers
  • Repair Item: Crossbow

Echo Wand:

  • Echo’s with the sound of sculk, and pulls in mobs nearby like a blackhole
  • Hold sneak when releasing a suction area to make the suction do 0 damage and use less durability
  • Found in chests in the Ancient Cities
  • Repair Item: Fishing Rod

Golden Sea Blade:

  • A sword flourishing with water, swipes fast and when charged releases a wave that pushes mobs
  • If used in water will give the player dolphins grace and a dash that allows them to spring out of the water for 2.5 seconds (like a dolphin)
  • Recipe unlocks after finding a heart of the sea
  • Repair Item: Iron Sword

Moonlight Edge:

  • A glimmering edge, that when used will cast beams of light in front of the mob you hit
  • Pressing sneak when fully charged will release a beam of light by range
  • Recipe unlocks after crafting a diamond sword
  • Repair Item: Diamond Sword


How to use:


/function 1_splatus:spellbound/item_list

/function 1_splatus:spellbound/settings

/trigger spellbound_recipes


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Spellbound Weapons Mod (1.19.1, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19

Fabric version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.19.1

Fabric version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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