Super Powers! Yes indeed, we need these. How about being a Lightning god for a day? Or a one-hit-anything wand? Can’t be killed in Survival, no matter what? Zombie on your shoulder? Or maybe craft your way to hugeness, smallness, invisibleness, or flying… ness. You will get them all with Super Powers Addon (1.19)!


How to get it?

Step 1: Craft yourself a Generic Gem. Like this:

  • That is indeed a nether star in the middle. Not to mention four (4) sticks. Expensive!

Step 2: Do one (or more) of these, and hold the item:

  • Super Spawner (Handheld)
  • Be your own monster spawner! Hold this and several times a second you’ll create a monster. Probably not a good one for survival.

Super Ride

  • Hold this and any two mobs will ride on your shoulders. Just like parrots only anything.

  • All aboard!


  • Total survival invincibility. From everything Minecraft can throw at you.

  • Give me your best shot, pal! I can take it.

Blasting Bomb

  • Survival friendly. Random explosions to blast everything in site. Fun for everyone. Well, just you, actually.

  • Second Round Of Super Powers

One-Hit Wand

  • To one hit anything. Well, anything with 2000 health, or less.

  • Yes, this includes you, Mr Wither.


  • Upon usage, this will teleport you 200 blocks of whichever cardinal direction (North/South/East/West) you are facing.


  • A 1×1 hole straight out of your world. Why not.


  • You thought the original Speed was fast, well, see if you can keep up with these.

The Original Super Powers

  • Lightning

  • And you can do this:



  • And no elytra required! (Um, after you craft it….)



Super Jump

  • For jumping up those pesky mountains.



  • Grind your way through anything!

Installation Note:

  • This addon modifies player.json.

How to install:

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Super Powers Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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