The Poetry Of Winter Addon (1.19) makes Minecraft more like an RPG game! With this addon, you can choose your job, develop your own talents and fight new bosses! Come in and take a look.


  • After getting into the world, you will find that you can’t move. Don’t worry, all you need to do is to use (on mobile devices, long press the key, on PC, right-click) the key in your inventory.

  • After using the key, you can see the guide. The key will let you know the basic information about this addon.

  • Use the key again, it will notify you to fight the ender dragon first.

  • Ender dragon in this addon is much stronger than before! After killing it, there will be blue particles around it and it will turn into the 2nd stage…

  • The awakening dragon! Defeat it, then the storyline and the crafting of high-end ingots will be unlocked.

  • *The awakening dragon is very hard to defeat, its HP is 1500! you’d better have good developed talents and good gear before fighting it, or fighting it with your friends. We suggest you fight the bosses that can be summoned first to get better armor, then you can choose to fight the dragon. These easier bosses are mentioned in  ‘Boss items’.

UI in this addon

  • After activating this addon, you can see 3 new bars on your screen.

  • The first bar shows your mana. Some weapons have special abilities, to use the ability, use the weapon while sneaking. using these abilities will cost your mana. But don’t worry, your mana will restore slowly.
  • The second bar shows your weapon’s CD. After using your weapon’s special abilities, this bar will charge up and turn an orange. You can’t use your weapon’s abilities until this bar becomes empty.
  • The third bar shows your armor’s CD. Just like the weapons, some armors also have their own abilities, when somebody hits you, the ability will be activated automatically.
  • You probably have noticed, that there is a heart in your inventory. This heart is very important.

  • Use this item, and then you can choose your job.

  • After choosing the job, you can see the talent system. Different jobs are good at different talents. You can improve the talent with talent points, Every time your level rises up 1, you can get 1 talent point. When you are improving the talent which you are good at, you can get extra bonus. Every job’s special talent will be mentioned in ‘Jobs’


  • After defeating the awakening dragon, you will unlock the storyline. Use the key, you can see the story. If you think the story is boring, you can skip it and fight the boss directly.

  • Click skip, you will see these words above, click next to fight the boss.


  • This addon has so many items, so we will only introduce you to some important items.
  • Sometimes you can see strange tables outside. They are upgrade tables.

  • Sit on them, that can make it faster to upgrade your level, once you upgrade your level you can get 1 talent point.
  • The author also adds a lot of new ores! We will introduce 3 here.
  • First is the stream ore. It will summon randomly underground.

  • If iron ore is struck by lightning, it will turn into a stream ore.

  • Dig the stream ore, you can get the stream stone. You can use it to craft the pulse stone.

  • Pulse stone can be used to activate a lot of machines, for example, the mining machine.

  • Put the machine on the ground, and right-click/long-press it with the pulse stone.

  • The machine will dig a hole automatically, since there are a lot of different kinds of ores in this addon, this machine will help you a lot!

  • There are also ores in the nether, you can find some special monsters in the nether. For example, the one below:

  • Kill them, and then you can get some lava nuggets if you are lucky enough. 9 lava nuggets can craft a lava ingot.

  • With lava ingot, you can craft your own armor and weapons!

(For example, a lava helmet)

  • To craft wands, you need magic ore. They are purple.

  • Dig them, and you will get normal magic ore, put them into the furnace, then you can get normal magic ingot.

  • 8 normal magic ingots and 1 diamond = 1 Exquisite magic ore, After getting the ore, put it into the furnace, and then you can get the exquisite magic ingot.

  • 1 stick and 2 Exquisite magic ingots can craft 1 base of the wand.

  • With the base of the wand, we can craft our wand! For example, If you want to craft a shining wand, you need a light power, a simple magic core, and 1 base of wand.

To craft a light power:

To craft a simple magic core:

  • After finishing crafting these 3 materials, we can get our own wand!

  • Long press or right-click to use it. It costs mana!

  • It’s the same way to craft other exquisite ingots: 1. Dig normal ores and put them into the furnace to get normal ingots. 2. Craft exquisite ores with normal ingots. 3. Put the exquisite ores into the furnace to get the exquisite ingots.


There are 3 ways to fight bosses, the first way is to use the key to fight bosses in the storyline, the second way is to find some structures with bosses’ summon blocks, and the last way is to summon the bosses yourself with special items.

  • First of all, we need 3 iron nuggets to craft the iron key. With this key, we can activate the boss’s summon block.

  • Second, we need to find the boss’s structure.

  • After getting to the top of the structure, you can see the summon block. Long press/ right click it with the iron key to summon the boss.

  • Among these 3 structures, the pillager castle is the most special one, because its summon block can’t be activated by iron key.

  • You can see Mystery Key Debris in the Barrel, you need to collect 2 pieces of Debirs to craft Mystery key.

  • And then you can activate the summon block with Mystery key.

You can summon everlasting winter ghast in the snow tower, after defeating it, you can get an everlasting winter stick and everlasting winter ingot. With these 2 materials, you can craft the strongest armor in this addon: everlasting winter armor.

We can find some wooden boxes in the snow, unlock them with the iron key, and then dig the box: it will drop some items. you can possibly get the frozen armor through this way.

  • After getting 4 frozen armors, you can craft everlasting winter armor with everlasting winter ingots and everlasting winter sticks. (everlasting winter ghast drops the ingot and the stick!)

(For example, an everlasting winter chest plate)

  • After wearing on all everlasting winter armor, you can unlock a special ability, every time you get hit, their will be a chance to summon snow smog around you, the smog can make the monsters slower.

Too unlucky to find the structure? Don’t worry! You can summon the bosses yourself, you don’t have to run here and there, all you need to do is to craft a summoner and a boss item.

  • First, you need to craft a summoner and place it on the ground.

Drop the boss item on the summoner to summon the boss.

Here is the ways to craft the boss items, there are 6 boss items.

Boss items

*These bosses are easier, you’d better fight them first before fighting the ender dragon to get better gears and weapons

1. Entity Soul

  • 8 souls and 1 heart of ice can craft the soul debris.
  • Soul pieces are dropped by ghosts in soul valley.

  • And heart of ice is dropped by the everlasting winter ghast.
  • Drop soul debris on the summoner and the entity soul will come out.

2. Predators

  • 8 bat wings and 1 raw meat can craft the bat’s embryo.
  • To craft bat wings, you need to kill a lot of vampire bats, there are a lot in the caves.

  • They will attack you, look out! After killing it, it will drop pieces of bat wings. 9 pieces can craft 1 wing.

  • Drop the bat’s embryo on the summoner and the predators will come out.

3. Host Of Deep

  • The book of deep is easy to craft, there are no new items needed.
  • Drop the book of deep on the summoner and the host of deep will come out.

4. Ash Knight

  • To craft the book of ash, you need 4 ash blocks.

  • Ash blazes drop ash blocks, they are usually summoned in Basalt Delta.
  • Drop soul debris on the summoner and the Ash Knight will come out.

5. Abyssal Controller

  • 8 pollution algae and 1 stream stone can craft the darkness stone.
  • You can kill the swamp golem to get the pollution algae. They are in the swamp.

  • Drop the darkness stone on the summoner and Abyssal Controller will come out.

6. Radiate Crystal

  • 7 glasses, 1 ghast’s tear and 1 high concentration uranium can craft a Pullution Crystal.
  • To get the high concentration of uranium, you need to find uranium ore first.

  • Dig it and put the ore into the blast furnace. Then you can get uranium.

  • Put the uranium into the blast furnace again, you can get the high concentration uranium.

  • Drop the Pollution Crystal on the summoner and Radiate Crystal will come out.

  • *After defeating these 6 bosses, there will be a chance to drop good weapons. You’d better get these weapons before fighting the awakening dragon, or you will be killed by it easily!


  • When you are improving the talent which you are good at, you can get extra bonus.
  • Guards are good at Juvenation and Bloodrage.
  • Archer are good at Precision and Bloodrage.
  • Warrior are good at Overheat and DamageAbsorption.
  • Warlock are good at MagicRecharge, ArmorRecharge and WeaponRecharge.
  • Assassin are good at Frenzy and Overheat.
  • Priest are good at Regeneration and MagicRecharge.


  • The heart in your inventory is actually very useful. You can use it to manage your world. Type /tag @s add owner to visit the manage page.
  • You should turn these 3 functions on.

  • After turning on these 3 functions, you can transport to any players in your world, and you can also teleport to the positions you record. If your world is laggy, you can turn on the entity cleanup.

Installation Note:

  • You need to turn on all the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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The Poetry Of Winter Addon (1.19) Download Links

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mcaddon: Download from Server 1

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