Tropycal Addon (1.19) is a special addon that will bring you a new makeover for the traditional beach biome! That means lots of tall and beautiful coconut trees, lots of native villages, and lots of crabs and shells to collect! Fruits, refreshments, and a menu with lots of seafood and fish products!


  • This addon adds new animals, blocks, items, and lots of structures!


A new look added to the beach, this includes surface shells, beautiful coconut trees, crab holes, a new water hue, new native villages, and much more!

On some beaches you can find many shells, on others you can find few, the same with coconut trees and villages! This makes generation more dynamic, and can generate many different inspiring landscapes!



Crabs are neutral, they will only attack if you touch them, or attack them first, they spawn naturally on beaches but they can also be summoned if you jump or walk over crab holes, then they will be expelled and attack you!

Usually, he tends to run away from players, always suspicious and walking backward while running away from you. It can be lured with seagrass but cannot be tamed! Some crabs are poisonous!

You can get raw crab by killing them, it makes for some interesting recipes!


They spawn in water fountains on beaches, they can come in red or blue, they walk through the water and sometimes accidentally get out of it, and if they can’t return they will dry up and die in 60 seconds! Generates in large quantities and serves as a food source! You can get raw lobster when you kill it!


They spawn in groups on sandy or rocky beaches! They can walk or fly, at heights of up to 16 blocks, and will always stay in the vicinity of where they spawn! They will run away from the player if they get within 12 blocks, and if they get within 3 blocks they will fly away! They can be tamed with raw fish, but similar to cats, they also need you to hold the fish in order for them to come to you, and any sudden movement can startle them!

The player can offer raw fish to tamed seagulls and they will then fly to the nearest water source and try to fish an interesting item for their owner!


Pelicans spawn only on sandy beaches, and alone. They avoid approaching the player but do not fly! They can be tamed with Raw Fish! And then he will have a unique ability to devour crabs having the chance to drop one of his claws that serves as a poisonous weapon!

When tamed, its owner can offer a bucket of water, which will be filled in its beak, and then it will help the player to catch fish in the nearby water source! To make him stop fishing, simply remove the water with an empty bucket!


Natives are the first civilization of the addon, they act similar to villagers, and each one has different types of trades! They are neutral and may attack if attacked, but try to keep the peace! They also like to admire the fauna on the beaches, always looking around and interacting with animals!


We have a new set of wood and many special blocks in this addon! In addition to many items!

Crafting Recipes:

Tropycal Addon Recipes

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you activated all the following “Experimental Settings”:

How to install:

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Tropycal Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

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