Unusual End Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) adds a few structures, some mobs and blocks and a new mini-boss.


  • Chorus Roots & Ender Fungus are two new plants inspired by the Nether Update. You can use them with some other items to obtain an Ender Stew. You can find them in End Midlands and Highlands, so it won’t break other end biomes mods. Using End Blob on Chorus Roots will make them grow into a Chorus Plant.
  • You will also find Raw Purpur patchs around the world for building. Furthermore, you can turn it into Polished Purpur and Purpur Block.
  • Endermites now rarely spawn (can be edited in the mod’s config file) when breaking chorus. When an Endermite spawns, an Enderblob can spawn instead (can be configured in the mod’s config file), a new aggresive mob. Endermites and Enderblobs will give you a new potion effect when hitting you, “Ender Infection” (can be edited in the mod’s config file). The Ender Infection will make you nauseous, taking damage and spawning endermites. When dying, Endermites and Enderblobs can drop Endermite Moults, used to craft glass and glass bottles.
  • Enderblobs will drop Ender Blob on death (Ender Slimeballs). Eating it has a 30% chance of Ender-Infecting you. You can also turn it into an Enderblob Block. It will make you bounce infinitely (V1.1.2, like an auto-jump, can be disabled for entities using the doEndblobBounce gamerule) and negate fall damage, slow you and reduce your jump height on it. The End Blob Shield can be used to knock entities away.
  • You can also use it with Chorus Fruits and a Leather Helmet to obtain a Chorus Helmet. On damage, it will teleport you randomly (like when eating a Chorus Fruit), with a default probability of 20% (can be edited in the mod’s config file). You can also cancel damage taken on teleportation if they are inferior to a predefined amount (default value of 5 damages / 2.5 heart, can be edited in the mod’s config file. One of the bonus achievements require this to be > 0)
  • Ender Fireflies are new passive mobs, wandering around the End, especially around Nests. They are eating Enderblobs and Endermites, and while doing it turning their bodies into Firefly Bulb (like for Frogs and Slimes), a new renewable light source for your End-themed builds. They can be used in Chorus Farms to get rid of Endermites, and tamed using End Blob. You can also make them follow you by holding End Blob.
  • Ender Fireflies Nests are made out of Chorus Nest Planks and Stripped Chorus Nest Planks, new planks found in the End. They can be obtained by destroying Nests (don’t worry, Ender Fireflies won’t kill you) or crafted using 8 planks of any type and a bottle of Chorus Juice, to get 8 planks. Stripped Planks are obtained by right-clicking Planks with an axe (like for Stripped Logs)
  • The Infested End Stone is a light-colored variant of End Stone. Its breaking particles are purple to make them easier to find. This block can’t be obtained by a common way. It contains a monster, the Ender Trapper. Walking on the block without crouching will slow you, and you won’t be able to jump. If you’re not sneaking, the Trapper will head out to damage you, and instantly hide in his infested block. He won’t attack any other entity. You can get an Infested End Stone block by right-clicking an Ender Trapper with an End Stone block, to trap him inside. It will turn his infested block into regular endstone.
  • Undead Enderlings are undead aggressive flying mobs. You can obtain by killing them Underling Scraps. Those scraps can be used with Phantom Membrane to obtain Phantom Blocks or Enderling Scrap Leggings. Phantoms blocks are considered by entities as solid, but all mobs can pass through, allowing you to easily setup trap or to use it as a safe door. The Enderling Scrap Leggings allows you to slow fall and turn invisible when sneaking
  • You can now obtain a Bottled Shulker Bullet by right-clicking a Shulker Bullet with a bottle. It allows you to create Levitation Potions / Arrows, and can be drinked to get levitation for the same amount of time as a shulker bullet. Shulker Shooters can be crafted using 4 of them, 4 End Stone Bricks and a Dispenser. You can cure the Ender Infection by using a bottle of Chorus Juice, obtained with a glass bottle and 3 chorus fruits.
  • The Wandering Pearl can be obtained using 1 Ender Pearl and a Chorus Fruit. It will teleport you to a safe place (if there is one) around the block it lands on, allowing you to teleport you in a safer way (no more bumping into the side of a block).
  • The Teleportation Anchor is used to teleport yourself. To use it, you need to sneak right-click it with a Gilded Pearl. You can use the Linked Gilded Pearl to teleport yourself instantly to the Teleporation Anchor with a 5 minutes cooldown (by default, can be changed using gamerules), consuming the Pearl in the process. By default (can be changed via gamerule), you won’t be able to teleport to an anchor if you move or destroy it.
  • Ruins – A very rare small structure.
  • Wanderer’s House – A house spawning in the small end highlands biome, containing a custom Wandering Trader and 2 llamas.The house contains a secret cave, and vegetables, allowing you to get food and mushrooms.
  • End House – A small end-city like house. Contains blocks from different dimensions endermen can steal.
  • Ancient End City – A tower with the same shape as End Cities, but built differently inside. It’s filled of Shulker Shooters, Infused End Stone Bricks and Weak End Stone Bricks. You’ll find at the top of the tower a Golem Altar. Right-click it with a Dragon’s Breath bottle to summon the Endstone Golem.
  • The Endstone Golem got 500 hearts. He will cooldown your main/offhand items and slow you each time you will get hit. He can also push you up, give you levitation, or give you a new effect, Building Inability. While having this effect, each block placed will have a cooldown time and damage you (you can remove damages using the gamerule buildingDamage). The Endstone Golem will drop a Shulker Orb on death.



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Unusual End Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.19.3

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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