This mod alters the ingame menu (aka pause menu) adding new buttons to it that were previously out-of-reach (inside other menus like the options menu…mostly that menu) So let’s start with what buttons there are in the mod…

  • Language – Switch the game’s language to either your native language or just some random gibberish because you’re crazy
  • Resources – Access the resource packs you currently have installed.
  • Difficulty – Change the game’s difficulty, from puss- I mean peaceful (a.k.a. Peace) and hard. Locks to Hardcore when in a Hardcore world.
  • GUI Scale – Change the scaling of the game, from small to large or auto..
  • Fog – Changes the render distance, from tiny to far.. Or the other way around (hint hint).
  • Graphics – Switches the game’s graphics from Fast to Fancy and vice-versa.
  • SPMenu – Access your world list from one of those worlds or a server.
  • MPMenu – Access your server list from one of your singleplayer worlds or one of the servers.
  • Fullscreen – Toggle fullscreen on and off.
  • Reconnect – Quickly reconnect to the server you are currently in (e.g., for when you’re stuck).
  • Copy IP or Seed – Gets the current server you’re in’s IP Address and copies it to your clipboard (+port if different than 25565) or your Singleplayer World’s seed.
  • Hide IP or Seed – Hides the IP address of the server you are currently in.. Or the seed of your world as well.
  • Legacy Menu – Toggle in between the legacy look or the new revamped look of the GUI.
  • Twitch IRC – Opens up the TwitchTV IRC GUI.
  • Quit Game – Completely shuts down the game, meaning it’ll close the window.


How to install:

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  • Fixed retreiving a.. let’s call it “more complex” address and hopefully returning the address the user’s used to see (like the one in the server list).

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Other Versions:

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