Waifucraft Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) is a Minecraft mod that features tameable girlfriends from anime, manga, games, and other media. There are a variety of ways to interact with these waifus.


  • 28 Anime Waifus: each with likes, dislikes, and abilities.
  • Additional ‘skins’ for each waifu, featuring a different model/texture.
  • Book of Love – a book featuring all the info you’ll need to tame or summon a waifu.
  • Potion of Love – a potion given to waifus to make them instantly infatuated
  • Waifu Ring – used to tame an potential waifu when she’s infatuated with you.
  • Creative Ring – instantly tames a potential waifu. Obtained only in creative.
  • Spooky Waifu Ring – used to tame certain hostile mobs
  • Totem of Waifu – allows you to ‘store’ your waifu in your inventory.
  • Waifu Wand – used to change your waifu’s skin, to teleport them to you, or to remove them.
  • Waifu Removal Wand – used to remove a waifu by hitting them with it
  • Taiga’s Bokken – obtained by making her your waifu.
  • Straw Hat – obtained by making Nami your waifu.
  • Bubbly – a new beverage to be given to Aqua; players gain effects from drinking it. Can be brewed with poisonous potatoes and weakness potions, or purchased from farmers.
  • Megumin’s Hat – obtained by making Megumin your waifu. When worn, critical hits have a 25% chance to cause a small explosion.
  • Megumin’s Staff – can be crafted and casts an explosion where the user is looking
  • Miso Soup – clears potion effects like milk.
  • Grilled Lamprey – gives the player night vision.
  • Microphone – makes mobs ‘dance’.
  • Cocoacat Cupcake – given to the player by Natsuki, and the recipe is unlocked upon making her your waifu. Gives stacking health boost effect, but maxes out at 20 hearts.
  • Flame Shirt – given to the player by Marin, and grants Speed I when worn.
  • Holiday Hat – obtained from a gift or crafted by the player.
  • Gift – given to the player periodically by Padoru, and contains randomized loot.
  • Captain Hat – craftable armor item from one of Velvet’s skins.
  • Bucket of Suu – used to pick up Suu in her blob form.
  • Block of Suu – crafted from 4 Buckets of Suu. Behaves similarly to slime block, allows for high jump, and gives regeneration effect.
  • Bow of Light – crafted with 3 blaze rods, 3 string, and a silent princess. Does high damage but can only use spectral arrows.
  • Silent Princess – new flower used to craft white dye, invisibility potions, and the Bow of Light.
  • Super Crown – can be worn. Converts turtles into Bowsette and ghasts/phantoms into Boosette.
  • Sinistea; gives levitation, slow falling, and invisibility for a short time.
  • Drifloon; decorative block that can be popped when hit with a projectile, dropping xp.
  • Palossand; decorative block that gives wither and slowness on collision.
  • Shedinja Chestplate; has a 75% chance of reducing damage from hits to 0.
  • And some other miscellaneous features/items.

Waifu Quirks:

  • Hinata – Uses her Byakugan after killing a mob; this gives the glowing effect to other nearby mobs.
  • Zero Two
  • Taiga – Stacks the strength effect each time she kills a mob. Also, she will give you her Bokken once you make her your waifu!
  • Yuno – Her stats make her more aggressive and deadly in combat.
  • Megumin – Finishes off mobs by blowing them up! Her staff can be crafted
  • Rem
  • Ram
  • Tohru – Gives you her roasted tail meat periodically. (Note: The countdown timer for this is reset when you pick her up)
  • Asuna
  • Nezuko – An ‘Undead’ mob, burns in the daylight.
  • Aqua – Grants bad luck or good luck depending on if she’s tamed. Will heal you when right-clicked while your health isn’t full. Will only fight when given bubbly periodically. Head patting will give you her blessing, and dying with the blessing will cause you to be resurrected. She will use reflect in combat to protect herself, and turn undead to kill undead mobs. Will use exorcism on certain mobs such as illagers and various nether mobs.
  • Monika – Will exchange unwanted enchanted books for some xp. ‘Responds poorly’ to either being reset or being gifted an item she dislikes.
  • Nami – Avoids spiders and gives the player a Straw Hat once you make her your waifu.
  • Sayori – Follows players who are holding cookies, and will eat them when gifted.
  • Kaguya – Shoots arrows.
  • Mystia – Shoots projectiles, occasionally sings in combat, and her second skin features her ‘shop’. Players can purchase a few different items here, and will get a special discount if Mystia is their waifu.
  • Miku – Gives microphone once you make her your waifu.
  • Velvet – Refuses head pats, restores health upon taking down a mob, and sneezes when cats or ocelots are nearby. (Great for hunting ocelots to tame!)
  • Yuri – Gift her totem to Monika to alter her code – turning her into Yandere Yuri.
  • Natsuki – Periodically gives the player her special cupcakes, the recipe for them is unlocked upon making her your waifu.
  • Marin – Gives you a shirt once you make her your waifu (Speed I when worn).
  • Padoru – Sings and dances when interacted with, and will occasionally give you a gift. Also throws exploding presents!
  • Darkness – Durable but doesn’t deal damage. Attempting to name her Lalatina prompts a unique response.
  • Suu – Changes size/skins from likes and dislikes respectively, is damaged by water/nether but will regress to smaller forms on each death.
  • Zelda – Shoots arrows that give the glowing effect to targets.
  • GLaDOS – Poisons targets, has dialogue in item form, and avoids birds. Gives the player a companion cube upon making her your waifu.
  • Bowsette – Burns defeated targets.
  • Hex Maniac – Unlock her shop by making her your waifu. Sells new items.


How to use:

  • You can summon potential waifus with the Book of Love item. It is crafted by surrounding a book with four poppies. Opening the Book of Love will allow you to browse potential waifus that are currently available in the mod.
  • You can summon a potential waifu from here, but it will cost five xp. Each Book of Love can only summon five waifus before breaking (to prevent spam).
  • After a potential waifu has been summoned, you can ‘talk’ to them by right-clicking. Sneak and right-click to open the interactions menu.
  • In order to tame a potential waifu, you will need to give them gifts of their liking. The Book of Love will show what each potential waifu likes and dislikes. Giving a potential waifu an item they like will increase their infatuation by one, and an item they dislike will decrease it by one.
  • Other items will not affect their infatuation. Once a potential waifu has become infatuated with you, (an infatuation value of five), their dialogue when spoken to will change, indicating they now like you! At this stage, you can now give them head pats, which will heal them.
  • At infatuation level 9, they can be tamed by right-clicking on them with the waifu ring; which requires a diamond and four gold nuggets in a specific pattern (recipes shown in image gallery).
  • Once tamed, they are now your waifu. They will have new dialogue to show this, and will now follow you around. You can ‘store’ your waifu in your inventory as totems; right-clicking with this item will re-summon your waifu.
  • Any Totems of Waifu will spawn their respective waifu once used, no matter where they came from. You can also change the skin of your waifus here.
  • The Waifu Wand will give you some additional options with your waifu, and can be crafted with just a stick and a Book of Love.
  • Right-clicking with this item will bring up a menu of three options.
  • Firstly, you can teleport your waifu(s) to your location, but this will only work if waifus are somewhat nearby.
  • Resetting a waifu will reset your progress with a specific waifu. Many waifus have a ‘quirk’, which amounts to special behavior unique to them.
  • For instance, Hinata will sometimes use her Byakugan each time she kills a mob, allowing you to see nearby mobs through walls.


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Waifucraft Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) Download Links

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For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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