yBiomesCraft Addon (1.19, 1.18) have many full natural generation biomes in your game! For you to have fun with many new trees, structures and biomes very interesting and great to complete your survival and their worlds! The diversity of biomes to make your game even more exciting is so huge! Frozen, cold, flooded, hot, tropical, islands, flowering, muddy biomes among many other different types !!


  • Many amazing biomes for your worlds! Here you can find rare biomes and more common biomes, and even sub-biomes!
  • The biomes are completely natural generation, this means that NO structures will appear throughout your game!
  • The biomes are already generated and rendered with their own trees!
  • Check out the list of biomes, with their photos and a brief description of each!
  • Biomes are not invasive and the rarity of some is still being worked on!
  • You can find vanilla animals through biomes and lots of wood, so biomes are great to survive!


Crafting Recipes:

Installation Note:

“Wild Update” option is optional, you do not need to active it to play addon, the others must be active!

yBiomesCraft Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

Behavior Pack: Download from server 1

Resource Pack: Download from server 1

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