The Backpack Mod adds 34 different backpacks to the game. They function similar to chests but the difference is that you can keep them with them, just the same way a backpack would work. Currenly they aren’t wearable but this is a planned feature which will be added soon. The backpacks are really useful for adventures in survival mode as they expand the amount of inventory slots you will be able to use.

How to use the backpacks?

First off you need to craft a backpack. There is one small backpack (27 slots) and one large backpack (63 slots) and each exist in 17 different colors.

  • Small Backpack – 8 leathers (+ any type of dye if you want a colored pack)
  • Big Backpack – 8 bound leathers (+ any type of dye if you want a colored pack)
  • Bound Leather – 7 strings + 2 leathers
  • Leather – dropped by cows, or place bound leather in a furnace

For this example, I decided to get one small Black Backpack and one Big Lime Backpack. They won’t appear on your back, but this is actually a planned feature for the future.

Select the backpack in the hotbar and then tap on the ground to open it. The backpack GUI (graphical user interface) is on the right side of the screen.

Backpack Mod

If you are killed the backpack will drop on the ground. You can return to it and pick it up and it will have all the items which you previously put in there.

Backpack Mod

It’s possible to use as many backpacks as you want at the same time.

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod and use ES File Explorer (or some other file manager) to extract the zip file.
  2. Use BlockLauncher to import the .modpkg file.
  3. If BlockLauncher restarts – let it – and then go in-game to use the new features!

Download links for Backpack Mod for MCPE

PKG: Download from server 1

Download from server 2