Bottled Milk Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 adds Milk Bottles, items that function like milk buckets, curing all status effects when consumed, but can stack up to 16 by default (this can be changed in the config file). This makes milk far easier to carry in large quantities, ensuring that you don’t have to fill half your inventory to be safe from status effects.

Bottled Milk Mod

Have you ever been accosted by witches or cave spiders, only to find yourself woefully low on buckets of milk? This mod is for you.

Milk Bottles can be obtained by using a glass bottle on a cow (this can be disabled via config). Alternatively, Milk Bottles can be crafted using a milk bucket and one or more glass bottles (see below for recipes).

The mod also adds Splash Milk Bottles, Lingering Milk Bottles, and Milk Arrows. These behave like their potion counterparts when thrown/shot, and remove the status effects of any mob they hit. (They can be prevented from removing certain effects or disabled outright in the config file.)

Bottled Milk supports Glitchfiend’s Tough As Nails mod. If Tough As Nails mod is installed, Milk Bottles will replenish 6 thirst points (3 droplets) when consumed, the same as a milk bucket.


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Crafting Recipes:

Milk Bottle

Crafting Milk Bottles returns the empty bucket. Milk Bottles return an empty glass bottle when consumed.

Note: A single bucket of milk can make 2 bottles at most by default. Additional recipes can be enabled in the config file to get more milk from a single bucket (up to 8 bottles per bucket).

Bottled Milk Mod Crafting Recipes 1

Bottled Milk Mod Crafting Recipes 2

Splash Milk Bottle

Bottled Milk Mod Crafting Recipes 3

Lingering Milk Bottle

Bottled Milk Mod Crafting Recipes 4

Milk Arrows

Bottled Milk Mod Crafting Recipes 5


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Bottled Milk Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.12.1, 1.12

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2