The goal of Thaumic Energistics Mod 1.7.10 is to serve as a bridge between Thaumcraft and Applied Energistics. The primary focus is essentia management, both in storage, transportation, and application.



  • Import and export essentia to the ME network.
  • Interface with Thaumcraft devices which use suction to request essentia.
  • Store essentia in the ME network and/or use Thaumcraft jars as storage extensions.
  • View how much of each essentia type is stored on the network.
  • Interface with infusion devices such as the Runic matrix.
  • Thaumcraft crafting terminal with access to items on the ME network.
  • Emit redstone signal based on amount of essentia in network.
  • Charge wands in arcane crafting terminal.
  • Golems can do the work of cranking your grinder.

AE2 Security Permissions:

  • Export Bus: Requires extract permission to open GUI.
  • Import Bus: Requires inject permission to open GUI.
  • Level Emitter: Requires build permission to open GUI.
  • Storage Bus: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.
  • Arcane Crafting Terminal: Requires extract & inject permission to open GUI.
  • Essentia Terminal: Anyone can open GUI. Must have extract/inject permissions to fill/empty jars or phials.


Research: Discoveries await!


Cores: Central components, allows converting essentia to and from a digital state.


Input/Output: Imports and exports essentia from the network.


Terminals: Essentia Terminal(left) allows you to monitor how much essentia is the network. Arcane Crafting Terminal(right) allows you to craft Thaumcraft’s arcane recipes with access to the ME network.


Storage Components: Stores essentia digitally. Standard 1k-64k sizes.


Storage Cells: Protective housing and network interface for storage components.


Cell Workbench: Allows you to partition cells, specifying what essentia types are allowed to be stored.


Providers: Essentia Provider(left) uses Thaumcraft’s suction mechanic(tubes) to allow devices to extract essentia from the network. Infusion Provider(right) uses Thaumcraft’s infusion mechanic(matrix) to export essentia from the network.


Vis Relay Interface: Interfaces with the Vis Relay network, allowing your A.C.T. to charge wands.


Gearboxes: Replacement for the wooden crank, can crank multiple devices simultaneously, and even allow your golems to crank for you!


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