What DartCraft Mod does?

DartCraft adds one, and only one new ore to Minecraft: Power Ore. When you mine this ore you receive 2-4 “Force Gems” (fortune affects this) which can be used to create Force Ingots from which specialty tools are crafted, or even squeezed into Liquid Force which can be used in several DartCraft machines. Uses for Liquid Force range from using it to imbue your Force Tools with special upgrades and enhancements (such as vanilla Fortune or custom upgrades like Heat or Grinding), or even powering a Force Engine to generate BuildCraft energy.

Before you even find your first Power Ore, you’ll want to make yourself a Clipboard, which is DartCraft’s take on mobile crafting. The clipboard is relatively cheap to make, and you have but to select it and right-click to open up a portable crafting table of sorts.

The clipboard is unique in that it is the first portable crafting table to both keep the contents of its inventory and have useful convenience buttons that serve to decrease crafting time by leaps and bounds. If that weren’t enough, if NEI is installed the player may look up crafting recipes and overlay them onto the clipboard temporarily.

Whether you’re crafting quickly and conveniently on the go, mining those precious diamonds with your newfound Fortune IV pickaxe or just enjoying a new way of making BuildCraft energy you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome to DartCraft, where convenience is king.

This is a complex mod, but the rewards are great and if you read everything here carefully, watch the videos and experiment with DartCraft for yourself you should pick it up in no time.



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– Portable crafting table.
– Easily craftable.
– Keeps inventory.
– Balance button.
– To inventory button.
– Smart Assist button.
– NEI Overlay support.
– Can be opened with the ‘C’ key while present on the player’s hotbar and no gui is open.

Power Ore

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– DartCraft’s one and only ore.
– A bit more common than gold, found below y-value 48.
– Drops 2-4 Force Gems (Fortune effective)
– Nether variant that is quite common, but dangerous to retrieve.
– Magical glow, easy to spot in the dark.
– Config setting to allow re-generation of Power Ore (useful for worlds started before DartCraft was installed.)

Force Gems

– Can be used in combination with various metals to make Force Ingots, which are used for special tools.
– Can be converted into a bucket of Liquid Force in various DartCraft machines to fuel them, although inefficiently.
– Can be squeezed (Forestry) into more Liquid Force, and stored in tanks, forestry cans/capsules or even a bucket.

Force Ingots

– Can be created from Force Gems and Iron, Gold, Bronze, Refined Iron or Silver Ingots.
– More efficient carpenter recipes to use Liquid Force instead of Force Gems.
– Can be used to make tools of varying types that are all upgradable using the Force Infuser (discussed below.)
– Convertible into and from Force Nuggets much like Gold Ingots.
– Used also to make Force Packs and the instantly necessary Force Rod.

Force Packs

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– Created with Force Ingots, leather and a chest.
– Holds up to 8 items initially, can be upgraded to 40 eventually.
– Shift Right-Click to rename and recolor your Force Pack on the fly.
– Will hold anything but other Force Packs and a few blacklisted tools that hold other items, such as Forestry Backpacks.
– Cannot be placed inside Clipboards.
– Highly dynamic config file settings.
– Upgradable to the Ender Pack, which opens your vanilla ender chest and has no holding restrictions. (Packception)
– If an Ender Pack is present on the player’s hotbar, or inside a Force Belt on the player’s hotbar they may press the ‘X’ key to open the Ender Pack, as long as no other gui is open.

– Force Packs are now interactable with inventories like chests by right-clicking on the chest with the Force Pack. Item Cards inside the Pack will determine which items are placed where. Items that normally get sucked into the pack are placed into the inventory, whereas items that are normally restocked are sucked into the pack.

Force Rod

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– Crafted From a Force Ingot, Force Nugget and either a stick or the more potent Force Stick, the Force Rod is required to start advancing in DartCraft.
– Can alter various items, entities and blocks to bring new and useful content into Minecraft.
– Has a growing list of Force Transmutations that allow vanilla and mod tools/armor to be transmuted back into the ingots that made them by simply dropping the item and right-clicking it with the Force Rod. Examples are bronze tools from IC2, steel tools from Railcraft and even thaumium tools from thaumcraft.
– Used to make Force Tomes, Force Armor, the Force Infuser and a few more useful things.
– Upgradable in the Force Infuser to one of various types of rods.
– Can not be used for Force Transmutations in an upgraded state.
– Can be used to buff a player with various potion-effects with the proper upgrade.
– Using the Speed upgrade gives a Rod of Speed, which gives the vanilla Speed potion effect, as well as Mining Speed and a short jump boost.
– DartCraft enhances players under the effects of the vanilla speed potion, allowing them to automatically walk up one-block inclines and also giving them the ability to quickly dart across water complete with sound and visual effects.
– Upgrading a Force Rod with the Camo upgrade will give the Rod of Invisibility. Each use of this rod will imbue invisibility on its user for 30 seconds. This effect is not visually detectable.
– Can be upgraded with Ender to give the Rod of Return, which may be named and bound to their current location and later used to return its user to that same location, at a variable cost to the rod’s durability, as long as they are in the appropriate dimension.
– The Rod of Return must be set before it can be used. To set the rod to your current location shift-right click it to open the gui pictured below, click set to display your current coordinates in the gui, optionally name the location and press ‘save’ to save the location and name currently displayed.

Force Belt

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– This relatively cheap to craft tool has its own 8-slot inventory that will open when right-clicked.
– The Force Belt can hold Force Rods, Force Packs, Ender Packs and Force Flasks inside it for easy storage.
– Force Flasks may be used as reagents while inside a Force Belt, if they are present.
– If one and only one Force Belt is present on your hotbar you may press 1-8 on the Numpad to use the Force Rod stored in that slot. (Make sure Num Lock is on.) Teleport belt, anyone?
– If one and only one Force Belt is present on your hotbar you may press Z at any time to open the inventory of that Force Belt. You may also press X to open your Ender Pack if one is present inside the Force Belt in question.
– Force Belts are recolorable and renamable just like Force Packs.

Item Cards

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– Craft one from paper, a force ingot and some dye.
– Right-click to open the interface where there are 16 item slots to place phantom item copies inside. Right-click these phantoms to change the mode of that particular slot.
– Item Cards, when placed inside a Force Pack, will allow the automatic insertion of items that are picked up into that pack instead of the player’s inventory.

– The yellow upward-facing arrow indicates the current item is in suck mode. In this mode when the player picks up an item of this type it will immediately go into the Force Pack if possible.
– The blue downward-facing arrow indicates the current item is in restock mode. In this mode when the player breaks a tool sharing this item’s ID it will be immediately replaced by another from inside the pack if possible.
– Restock mode will also function for non-tool items, in which case it will attempt to keep every matching item at max stack size. The checking happens once every 5 seconds for efficiency purposes, but is more than adequate to keep building supplies full on your hotbar.
– They may also be configured to keep a full stack of a given item in the player’s inventory for convenience.
– Restock mode and suck mode may be used for the same item, restocking only as many stacks as the user chooses to keep in their inventory.
– Item Cards are renamable in the same way as Force Packs and Force Belts.
– Force Packs are now interactable with inventories like chests by right-clicking on the chest with the Force Pack. Item Cards inside the Pack will determine which items are placed where. Items that normally get sucked into the pack are placed into the inventory, whereas items that are normally restocked are sucked into the pack.
– Upgrade an Item Card with a Crafting Table in the Force Infuser to get a Crafting Card. This specialty Item Card will allow you to set a crafting recipe that will automatically craft with ingredients inside the pack when supplied with the appropriate items.

– Crafting Cards may also restock and suck in items, just as regular Item Cards.
– Item Cards may be crafted back into default versions of themselves to strip them of all data and upgrades.
– Upgrading an Item Card with the Force Upgrade will allow for any item specified by the Item Card to be automatically Force Transmuted if a valid transmutation is found. The resultant of a valid Force Transmutation will be shown on the right-hand side in the gui of the Item Card.

Force Trees

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  • Change a regular sapling into a Force Sapling with the Force Rod and either wait for it to grow or bonemeal it up to full size.
  • Yields Force Logs, which are usable as replacement Logs thanks to the Forge Ore Dictionary.
  • Force Logs are the one and only source of Force Sticks, required for many DartCraft tools.
  • Convertible into Force Planks which is a replacement for normal planks in most recipes.
  • Force Logs are squeezable into a small amount of liquid force using Forestry’s Squeezer.
  • Leaves drop Force Saplings to replant and occasionally Force Nuggets.
  • Force Saplings may be Fermented into Biomass using Forestry’s Fermenter.
  • (Pre 1.5.1 Only) Force Trees may be grown automatically in Forestry Arboretums.

Force Transmutations

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– A Force Transmutation is the name given to dropping an item into the world and right-clicking the EntityItem with a Force Rod that has no ugprades.
– In general, Force Transmutations transmute a single item into a single item of a different type.
– Force Transmutations can be used to make unique DartCraft items, as well as reclaim some materials used to craft certain items.
– Each Force Transmutation will use a single durability of the Force Rod per item transmuted.
– Most Force Transmutations are meant to make dungeon loot more useful, and to prevent the supersaturation of extraneous armor and tools.
– Iron, Gold and Chain armor, as well as Iron and Gold tools can be Force Transmuted back into a varying amount of the ingots used to craft them.
– Several mod tool and armor sets are Force Transmutable back into the base ingots used to craft them. Notable instances of this are Railcraft’s Steel and Thaumcraft’s Thaumium tool and armor sets.
– Certain items like pickaxes give less materials than were required to craft them.
– Minecarts, Iron Doors, Cauldrons and Empty Buckets may be Force Transmuted back into the Iron used to craft them.
– Enchanted books may be Force Transmuted into a meager number of Bottle o’ Enchanting. This will never yield more experience than you put into them.
– Vanilla bows of any durability may be transmuted back into a single piece of string.
– Old stone tools may be Force Transmuted back into a single stick.
– Red and Brown mushrooms may be transmuted back and forth between each other. A similar force transmutation also exists for Flowers and Roses.
– Unwanted Force Tools may be immediately transmuted into a Force Shard.

Magnet Glove

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– Crafted from Iron Ingots and a Nether Star, the Magnet Glove may be shift-right clicked to change its polarity.
– When the Magnet Glove is on a player’s hotbar and its polarity is positive, items and experience will be drawn toward the player for easy collection. This effect has a 10 block radius.

– Be careful shooting arrows when in possession of a Magnet Glove.
– The Magnet Glove may also attract a few other things…

Force Mitts

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– Force Mitts combine the abilities of the shovel, axe and hoe into one super-farming tool.
– Also capable of clearing grass and leaves in a wide area, much like a sickle.
– Not upgradable in the Force Infuser, nor are they enchantable.
– Half the durability of standard Force Tools.
– Force Mitts may be used to break a few things that stone picks can, but they are not a legitimate pickaxe.
– Force Mitts can be found in dungeon chests with relative frequency.
– Force Mitts have a greater chance of retrieving Silverwood Saplings from Silverwood Leaves. (It’s only a 2% chance, but it more than triples sapling output.)

Force Infuser

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– DartCraft’s version of the Enchanting Table.
– Created by using the Force Rod on a block of Obsidian.
– Highly blast-resistant, and drops obsidian when broken.
– Enables players to upgrade their Force Tools (and only their Force Tools) with vanilla enchants and even custom DartCraft upgrades.

– Capable of imbuing Looting or Fortune with 100% accuracy and easy repetition, as well as a few other well-known enchants.
– Custom upgrades include auto-smelting, auto maceration/pulverization and others.
– Upgrades are not instant, and sometimes require a while to complete.
– Requires both Liquid Force and BuildCraft energy to run.
– User must supply an Upgrade Tome which will gain experience as the infuser is used and allow for greater and more complex upgrades.
– Used to upgrade Force Packs.
– At max tier the Force Infuser functions at double speed.
– Extensible API for other mod developers, available upon request.

Force Tomes

– Force Transmute a vanilla book into an Upgrade Tome using a Force Rod. Place this inside your Force Infuser to start using the infuser.
– Upgrade Tomes advance in tier as they are used for upgrades. Certain upgrades are not available until a higher tier is reached.
– Experience Tomes may be created by upgrading a vanilla book in the Force Infuser with the Experience upgrade. Experience Tomes may be shift-right clicked and held to store experience, and right-clicked and held to withdraw experience.

– Experience Tomes can be converted into Upgrade Cores using the Force Rod, destroying the tome in the process, yielding 1 core per 50 experience stored.

Force Armor

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– Using a Force Rod on normal Leather Armor will change it into Force Armor

– This armor has higher durability and damage reduction than Leather armor.
– Force Armor, while not enchantable, is upgradable in the Force Infuser with many unique upgrades.
– Force Armor inherently has the ability to increase efficiency and allow punching of blocks normally requiring tools to break, in exchange for doing damage to the armor itself.
– Force Armor will enhance the efficiency of equipped tools by up to 50% with all four pieces equipped, and will also completely negate flight’s efficiency penalty with four pieces equipped.
– Force Armor can be upgraded to allow your punches to do more damage, fire damage, bleed damage, inflict a target with Bane and even upgraded to allow flight, increase jump height and walking speed.
– Force Armor with the Camo upgrade will render invisibly, allowing for the appearance of no armor while being decked out in powerful Force Armor.
– If IC2 is installed the Force Armor can be upgraded with IC2 Batteries and Energy Crystals; each battery gives 10,000 EU charge, while each crystal gives 100,000 EU charge.
– Charged Force Armor will not break when it runs out of EU, but will instead go dormant until it is charged, providing no armor rating or bonus effects.

– Force Transmuting already infused Force Armor will remove the infuser upgrades from it and allow it to be upgraded in the Force Infuser again. Any IC2 batteries or Energy Crystals previously used to upgrade will be returned.
– For details on upgrade materials that imbue certain upgrades, refer to the ‘Upgrading the Tome’ section for a full list.

Power Drill / Power Saw

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– If IndustrialCraft is installed, the Mining Drill may be upgraded in a Force Infuser with a Force Nugget to create the Power Drill, which is nearly the same as the Mining Drill in most ways. The Chainsaw may also be upgraded into the Power Saw in the same fashion.

– The Power Tools have three sockets that will accept any of several Upgrade Cores to enhance its abilities.
– Socketing Luck will give Fortune on the Drill, also available are Silk Touch, Grinding, Heat and Speed.
– Socketing Luck will give Looting on the Saw, also available are Lumberjack, Damage, Grinding, Heat, Bane, Bleed and Speed.
– Adding sockets to Power Tools will dramatically increase their EU consumption.
– The Power Tools, being instances of IElectricItem, can and will draw from batpacks, lappacks and of course the Charge-upgraded Force Tunic.

Force Engines

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– The Force Engine is DartCraft’s own unique BuildCraft engine. It is crafted from Force Gears and Force Ingots using BuildCraft’s standard engine recipe template.
– The Force Engine has two liquid tanks, one for Fuel and one for a Throttle.
– The most efficient Fuel for Force Engines is Liquid Force, but Force Engines may also run on BuildCraft Fuel, Oil and even Forestry Ethanol.

– The Force Engine does not require a throttle to run and will never explode no matter how long it is left unattended.
– Default values for combustible liquids are half that of the Combustion engine, but with a constant input of water as a throttle, the Force Engine will output the same amount of energy as a Combustion engine.
– Water is the weakest Force Engine Throttle available, but it is also very easy to automate.

Force Wrench

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– Crafted from Force Ingots and a Force Gear, the Force Wrench functions as a standard buildcraft wrench, industrialCraft wrench (rotation only), as well as makes use of the new forge block rotation for blocks such as pistons.
– The Force Wrench has the unique ability to serialize several tile entities into an easily-mobile carryable item by shift-right clicking on the tile entity. When this item is placed back into the world it will be restored to its original state, all items, energy and settings in tact.
– The Force Wrench works particularly well on IndustrialCraft machines, allowing for players to carry around pocket-MFSUs for on-the-go charging, or bring along Iron Chests to briefly place wherever they go for fun and profit.
– The Force Wrench’s serialization ability does not work on immutable objects such as Thaumcraft’s Warded blocks and many other discretionary objects.

Force Bricks

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– Force Bricks are craftable out of any type of stone brick and force nuggets. Surround a force nugget with 8 bricks to make 8 Yellow Force Bricks.
– Force Bricks may also be Force Transmuted from Stone Bricks.
– These yellowish-gold bricks are highly blast resistant (seriously) and are also spawn-resistant.

– Force Bricks may be recolored using any color dye with 8 Force Bricks around them in a crafting matrix.
– In addition to these features, Force Bricks may also be recolored using an IC2 painter to any of 16 colors. Each variation retains its natural blast and spawn resistance.

– Force Bricks and Force Wood can be crafted into Slabs and Stairs using the standard recipes, and they can even be reverse-crafted back into the materials that made them.

Force Tools

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– All the basic tools can be crafted out of Force Ingots and Force Sticks. Because of the Force Stick requirement you will have to farm Force Trees before you can make any Force Tools other than the Shears.

– All of the Force Tools (except the shears) are highly enchantable in a vanilla Enchanting Table (frankly more than they should be), however doing so will remove the ability to upgrade them in the Force Infuser.
– All Force Tools are upgradable in the Force Infuser, with varying upgrades accepted for each tool.
– Each Force Tool can only be upgraded once, so choose your upgrades wisely.

Force Shears

– A very special tool that can be made cheaply before one makes a Force Infuser.
– Functions as regular shears on IShearable entities such as Sheep and Twilight Forest Rams.
– These shears have the innate ability to shear Chickens, yielding feathers, and Cows, yielding Leather.

– A sheared Cow or Chicken will eventually eat grass and grow back their feathers or skin. I don’t know how.
– Upgradable in the Force Infuser. For example Luck will make more materials drop, while grinding will macerate wool into string.
– The Rainbow upgrade will drop random colors of wool, regardless of the sheep’s color.
– The Heat upgrade will… nevermind.

Fortune Cookies

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  • – Craft Fortune Cookies from Cookies and Paper.
  • – Restores one Hunger Bar, low saturation.
  • – Adds a Fortune to the player’s inventory with a random nugget of wisdom inside.
  • – These nuggets of wisdom were studiously cobbled by Eastern Unorthodox monks to be insightful and enlightening, as such any congruence with humor is strictly coincidental.

Soul Wafers

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  • – Soul Wafers are obtained by smelting any Bottled Entity in a furnace.
  • – The Soul Wafer is edible, will restore one bar of hunger and bestows its devourer with one random positive potion effect for a short period of time.
  • – The Soul Wafer has high saturation and cannot be eaten when not hungry. Devour your enemies and become stronger!
  • – The Soul Wafer imbues the Experience upgrade in the Force Infuser, and they are an excellent source of Thaumcraft’s Animus aspect to boot!

Spoils Bags

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  • – Spoils Bags contain up to 8 random pieces of dungeon loot chosen from one of three randomly selected dungeon sets.
  • – Right-click a Spoils Bag to open its inventory and remove the contents. Items may not be placed inside them, but only removed.
  • – When all items have been removed from a spoils bag, the bag will magically vanish from the player’s inventory.
  • – Spoils Bags will rarely drop off of any hostile mob, but are slightly more likely to drop from Ender Tots.
  • – The looting enchantment increases the drop rate of Spoils Bags by 1% per level.
  • – Spoils bags may also be found inside dungeon chests.
  • – Good luck looting!

Upgrade Cores

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  • – Upgrade Cores themselves must be infused with one, and only one upgrade in the Force Infuser, however the single upgrade may be stacked to its maximum level.
  • – Once upgraded the Upgrade Core is finalized and cannot be changed.
  • – Socket this into a DartCraft socketable item such as a Power Saw or Power Drill to imbue that item with the depicted upgrade.
  • – Once an Upgrade Core is socketed it cannot be retrieved, although the core can be deleted permanently by shift-right-clicking the socketed core, thus enabling another core to take its place.

Ender Tots

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  • – Ender Tots are a cute, tiny version of the standard enderman that randomly spawn where normal hostiles spawn.
  • – When provoked by attack or impromptu staring contest the Ender Tot will proceed to attack you like a standard enderman.
  • – Ender Tots are not as strong as enderman, nor can they teleport as far, however their childlike minds are too simple to comprehend dangers like water, nor are they calmed by the light of day.
  • – Ender Tots drop ender pearls, just like their bigger counterparts, but when you kill one… Well, I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.
  • – Ender Tots will not spawn in the Twilight Forest.


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  • – Will attempt to smelt any drops if a smelting recipe for the dropped item is found.
  • – When socketed into Force Armor, Force Punching will do an additional half heart of fire damage and set an entity on fire for one second, for each piece of Force Armor socketed with Heat.


  • – Will run any drops through Thermal Expansion’s Pulverizer if applicable, or try to use IC2’s Macerator recipes if not applicable, or it will simply do nothing if neither mod is installed.
  • – Grinding and heat can and will be applied together if applicable. Be aware that both these upgrades use additional durability of the tool, which would cause a Force Pick to break alarmingly fast if used to mine every block of stone the player finds.
  • – “Grinding” on a Force Axe will act as if the drops were run through Thermal Expansion’s Sawmill.


  • – Lumberjack is an axe-unique upgrade that will break every block made out of wood in a vertical pillar instantly, using twice the durability as normal per block broken.


  • – Each level of damage on a Force Sword will imbue two levels of sharpness (one extra heart of damage) on a Force Sword.
  • – On a Force Bow, damage will give one level of punch apiece.
  • – Damage socketed into the Power Saw will deal one extra heart of damage per level.
  • – For each piece of Force Armor upgraded with Damage, the player’s Force Punch will do a half heart more damage.


  • – The Force upgrade can be used to imbue Knockback on a Force Sword on a 1:1 ratio. The max level is 2.
  • – The Force upgrade is also used to turn Mining Drills into Power Drills and Chainsaws into Power Saws.


  • – Bane is available on the Force Sword, Force Bow and Force Armor, and need only be present on one item to have effect.
  • – Bane will permanently remove certain monsters inherent abilities, leaving them quite harmless or even quite cute.
  • – Creepers hit with the bane effect will forever lose their ability to explode. They will however, still follow you around. Creepy.
  • – Enderman and Ender Tots hit with the bane effect permanently lose their ability to teleport. Not so tough without your space-bending theatrics, are you?
  • – If bane is present on even one piece of Force Armor the effect will occur when an entity is struck regardless of what the player is holding.


  • Available on the Force Sword, Force Bow and Force Armor, bleed will cause the victim to take damage after they are hit for one second per level.
  • Bleed does one half heart of damage twice per second to any entity hit.
  • If socketed into Force Armor, the total cumulative bleed level will be applied to whatever you attack regardless of what weapon you use.


  • Luck becomes Fortune on the Force Pickaxe, Shovel and Axe, which is a vanilla enchant.
  • Luck becomes Looting on the Force Sword, which is a vanilla enchant. It also becomes Looting on the Force Bow, which due to some custom logic will simulate Looting.
  • When Force Armor is upgraded with Luck, your Force Punches increases the amount of items an entity drops when it dies. This does not stack more than one level per piece of armor, but can stack cumulatively across all four pieces.


  • Valid for the Force Sword and Upgrade Cores, the Wing upgrade allows for limited flight.
  • A Force Sword with Wing is transformed into a “Wing Sword”, and while held it will allow the user to slow their fall for a short time while holding space.
  • While using a Wing Sword or Wearing Wing-enabled Force Armor a “Wing Meter” will show itself on the top-left portion of the screen. You literally cannot miss it. When this meter is depleted you will fall and be unable to slow your fall until it replenishes.
  • The Wing Meter will replenish itself at a constant rate when you are not in the air, however there is a short penalty recharge time should the meter completely deplete.
  • If the user Holds space and right-clicks with a Wing Sword, they will fling themselves forward a short distance, expending a moderate amount of Wing Power.
  • The player may initiate flight with the Wing Sword by holding Shift and Space at the same time and then right-clicking. Without any buffs to the Wing Meter this will last only 8 seconds.
  • The entire Wing experience is completely client-side as to avoid death by lag.
  • When socketed into Force Armor, each piece with Wing will increase the maximum amount of Wing Power the player has by 100% of the original value. With a full set of Force Armor socketed with Wing, the Wing Meter can be increased to a maximum of 5x the default value.
  • If even one piece of upgraded Force Armor is worn, the user may fly at any time using their remaining Wing Power by holding Shift + Space and then Right-Clicking with empty hands to initiate flight. In addition, if the player has initiated Wing flight while wearing at least one piece of Wing socketed Force Armor the player may switch held items without falling.
  • The max consecutive flight time for a full set of Wing socketed Force Armor is about 40 seconds.
  • The player will be able to automatically walk up 1-block inclines with at least one piece of Wing-socketed gear. Players with Wing-socketed gear will also be able to skate across water using power from the Wing Meter as if they were under the effects of a speed potion.
  • Wing on Force Armor allows players to jump higher the longer they hold the spacebar. With 4 pieces of Wing-socketed Force Armor a player will be able to jump up approximately 10 blocks, or higher if that player learns to perform a “Force Bounce”, which is a very quick means of getting around.


  • The “Sturdy” upgrade on Force Tools will imbue the vanilla enchant Unbreaking on a 1-to-1 ratio.
  • Unbreaking also affects tools that use extra durability to smelt/grind etc.
  • If sturdy is socketed into Force Armor, damage from all sources is reduced by a certain amount.
  • The maximum level of Sturdy on Force Armor will result in a 75% damage reduction from all sources, rounded up to the nearest half-heart. (Swimming in lava, anyone?)


  • This is the name of the upgrade given by a Force Flask. You may find yourself needing a lot of these.
  • Upgrade a Force Pack with this upgrade (one at a time) to increase its size by 8 additional slots. May be done consecutively, but the Force Tome must be appropriate Tier.
  • If you upgrade a Force Rod with this it will allow you to bottle entities. If you have a Force Flask in your inventory and you right-click on an entity up to 16 blocks away, it will expend a charge of the Wand and store the entity in that flask.
  • Certain entities are blacklisted of course, namely the Creeper, but right-clicking a Bottled Entity will throw the bottle and release the entity, all data intact, where the bottle lands.
  • Mostly this is for relocating animals or villagers, but if this is used for griefing the server admin can completely disable bottling entities in the config file.
  • Config setting to allow only bottling of Animals and Villagers.
  • Bottled Entities now have the potential to stack, but will refuse to do so if their data is dissimilar.


  • The Speed upgrade on Force Tools will increase the effectiveness of a tool only on blocks that tool is normally effective against.
  • Speed on the Force Bow will make arrows fly faster and farther.
  • Each piece of Force Armor upgraded with Speed will increase the base movement speed of the player as well as increasing the control of movement they have in the air.
  • More than one level on each piece of Force Armor or the Force Bow does nothing.
  • Speed socketed into a Power Tool will increase the EU consumption exponentially per level. Socketing a Speed Core greater than level 2 into a Power Tool is not recommended.


  • Only valid on the Force Axe, Grafting will allow the Force Axe to act as a Forestry grafter at the cost of significant durability.

Vanilla Tweaks

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  • Added a crafting recipe for Cobwebs from string. Cobwebs are used in the Force Infuser to imbue Silk Touch.
  • Bats now drop Claws when you kill them. Claws are used to imbue “Damage” in the Force Infuser. (Sharpness, Power)
  • Sheep now drop Raw Lambchops when killed. These can be eaten or cooked into Cooked Lambchops, which restore 3.5 hunger and have high saturation.
  • If Forestry is not installed, an “Inert Core” may be crafted using Ghast Tears, Soul Sand, Claws and either a Diamond or forge “gemSapphire”s. The Inert Core can then be dropped, set on fire with a Flint and Steel and right-clicked with a Force Rod to create a Bottled Wither, which the player may release and defeat for a Nether Star.
  • Pistons can now be crafted using Force Ingots in place of Iron.
  • The Speed potion effect now allows players to walk up 1 block inclines and quickly dart across water.
  • Disney-style flight particles spawn under flying players while not in creative mode.


How to install DartCraft Mod:

How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge

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Download Links

For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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