Dimensional Doors Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) adds several types of “Dimensional” Doors that allow access to teleportation and extra-dimensional pocket dungeons that can vary from hallways to mazes to treasure rooms to straight up traps.

Dimensional Doors Mod

Have fun exploring, but be wary of death or falling into the void as you do not want to end up and perish away in the mysterious and nihilistic Limbo dimension.


  • 4 new dimensions: The Personal Pocket dimension, Public Pocket dimension, Dungeon Pocket Dimension and Limbo.
  • 1 entity: The Monolith, a being mostly consisting of an ever-watching eye that seems to originate from Limbo.
  • Dungeon Pockets: These are small restricted spaces that can be generated by entering a Transient Door in the Overworld or an Iron Dimensional Door from a different Dungeon Pocket. These dungeon pockets can contain anything from hallways with other doors to treasure rooms. At the moment, only a handful of Dungeon Pockets are enabled, but more will soon follow.
  • Personal- and Public pockets: These are like Dungeon Pockets except completely empty and each player can have only one Personal Pocket that only they can enter.
  • Teleportation: All types of “Rifts” allow players to teleport from one location to the other. How they function exactly, depends on the type of Rift.
  • 2 new “normal” doors: Golden and Nether Quartz doors
  • 5 types of “dimensional doors” (Rifts): Iron, Golden and Personal Dimensional Doors and Chaos and Warp Doors.
  • Other Rifts: Rift Scars, Transient Doors and Transdimensional Trapdoors.
  • 5 Full Blocks: Fabric of Reality, Altered Fabric, Ancient Fabric, Unraveled Fabric and Eternal Fabric.
  • Several items that let you manipulate Rifts or are used as crafting components for the Doors themselves: The Rift Blade allows you to enter Rift Scars. The Rift Signature allows you to set up your own custom Rift connections.
  • World generation: Small structures containing Transient Doors are added to the Overworld generation.
  • Commands: To force generate specific Dungeon Pockets and teleport the player to them.
  • High configurability: Maximum Pocket sizes, whether Monoliths are dangerous or not, which Dungeon Pockets have the highest chances to get generated.


“Limbo is the accumulated remains of a thousand dead worlds, timeless and infinite. Yet it is not a lifeless realm, because something old sleeps here, something that watches and waits. Think twice before you break the ancient walls within the dungeons, because whatever built them did so for a very, very good reason. There are eyes in the dark, and you are not supposed to be here.”

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Limbo is part of the Dimensional Doors mod made up mostly of Unraveled Fabric. It’s an alternate dimension that can be accessed by dying (with some other methods) in a pocket dimension the player accessed through use of dimensional doors or teleportation by Monoliths. When the player is teleported to Limbo, the player will fall from the sky to the ground without risk of fall damage (excluding instances where player-made structures are directly below the spawn point).

It should be noted that if multiple people die in a server and land in Limbo that they may not be able to find one another. The spawning points are easily in the thousands, even in the ten thousands, making it difficult to locate one another in a timely manner.

Another note to make is that within Limbo’s skies lives a giant red eye, similar in appearance to the Monolith eye but more docile than Monoliths.


Getting into Limbo is not difficult at all. There are various ways (listed below) to access this dimension.

  • Enter an unstable door: When the player enters an unstable door, the player may enter limbo, but this method can also teleport the player to other unintended locations.
  • Die in a pocket dimension: If the player dies in a pocket dimension, the player will automatically be teleported to limbo.
  • Break the walls in dimensional dungeons: There are Monoliths outside, and they are capable of sending the player to limbo.
  • Go too deep into the pocket dimensions: This will eventually land the player in Limbo. The door created to get in will not open for the player to leave.
  • If the player likes to cheat a lot, then go to a pocket dimension and summon a monolith via Command or NEI, then switch back to survival mode and punch, get close, or stare at the monolith for a long time until the player sees particle effects and hears a buzzing sound. Then the player will be teleported to Limbo immediately.


The best way to exit limbo is to keep heading down in layers until they see darker blocks, these blocks are Eternal Fabric and Ancient Fabric, the only blocks in limbo other than Unraveled Fabric. These should be around Y:20. By walking onto these blocks the player will be randomly teleported to a location in the overworld and the player will keep all of their items. The other alternative is to die by starving to death or using potions such as instant damage. Doing any of these will return the player to the player’s overworld spawnpoint. The player can also place unstable doors, with the possibility that it will transfer the player to the overworld. Another method is to build a Nether Portal.

The player may break the eternal fabric all the way to y:0 and fall into the void and spawn in the overworld.

Cheating Eternal Fabric or Ancient Fabric and standing on both of them works great, it will take you back to the overworld with no consequences, and all your items.

Dimensional Dungeons:

Dimensional Dungeons are part of the Dimensional Doors mod. They are dungeons that can be found in naturally occurring Pocket Dimensions.

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Signs of Danger:

A smart player is always wary of even the smallest signs of danger. Knowledge is power in all dimensions, and Dimensional Dungeons are no exception. Sharp wit, a keen eye and quick reflexes are all but necessary to navigate these new worlds in relative safety.

  • Redstone: Anything involving Redstone is automatically a sign of danger, including Pressure Plates, Levers, TNT, and Pistons. In some cases, a pressure plate is immediately after the warp door leading into the dungeon, activating a Redstone trap before the player even knows it. However, there are rare cases in which pressure plates or levers may be good for the player. When encountering unfamiliar Redstone, it is best to practice extreme caution. However, be careful when circumventing Redstone as Monoliths tend to “punish” players who escape the dungeon’s walls.
  • Tripwire: A fairly obvious one, tripwire can be a death sentence if triggered. It should be noted that tripwire can be found unsupported in Dimensional Dungeons and their tripwire hooks can be hidden quite well. Players may be watching the ground intently and trigger some tripwire above their heads, so always keep a sharp eye out.
  • Open air: Monoliths can appear in areas with large, open spaces, and players who aren’t familiar with Monoliths may find themselves unexpectedly teleported to Limbo.


There are many dangers found in Dimensional Dungeons, including void falling traps and TNT traps, as well as Monoliths to prevent the player from avoiding environmental hazards.

  • TNT: TNT seems to be a favorite of the Dimensional Dungeonmaster. It can be found both as a way of hurting the player and as a way of scaring the player into another trap. In most cases, TNT can be easily avoided by a smart player, but, in rare cases, it may be used to completely destroy the entire dungeon, including all entrances and exits, leaving only rifts in their places. Always bring some way home.
  • Void falling: Because the Fabric of Reality is indistinguishable from the void, falling out of a dungeon into the void is rather easy, and is a relatively common trap, but not nearly as common as TNT. Sometimes, the Fabric of Reality will trick the player into walking off the edge willingly, or redstone contraptions will pull blocks out from under the player, dooming him or her into falling into the void.
  • Getting lost: On rare cases, it is possible to get lost in Dimensional Dungeons. Usually, one only needs to follow the wooden Warp Doors to retrace their footsteps back to the overworld or even to be transported directly to the overworld, but sometimes this can be difficult or even impossible. In these cases, it is best to use manually-placed Warp Doors, Transdimensional Trapdoors, or other means to get home. It is even possible to get back to the overworld by taking a detour through Limbo.


  • If a player attempts to sleep in a bed in any pocket dimension the bed will explode much like it does in other dimensions such as The Nether. The explosion however is much more deadly, having a noticeably larger blast radius and setting all blocks in the immediate area of the explosion on fire.
  • Monoliths were implemented in the Dimensional Doors mod to prevent players from breaking trap rooms.
  • It’s possible to clear dungeon out of Monoliths, however, you require a bomb bag, quiver, and a preferable Power 5 enchanted bow. Sneak while firing to shoot a bomb arrow. It made a monolith disappear for me when it glitch appeared in the middle of a door corridor.(Also, the only easy way how to kill Monolith is to be in creative mode and use lots of TNT)

Pocket Dimensions:

Pocket Dimensions are small dimensions in the Dimensional Doors mod. they can be accessed with a Dimensional Door, a Rift Blade, or by finding a naturally spawned open rift.

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Pocket Dimensions are opened with the use of a Rift Blade or a Dimensional Door. They will be entirely black. The only thing the player will be able to see is the portal they just came through. The dimension is actually a cube surrounded by Fabric of Reality blocks. These blocks are perfect black, the same color as the void. It is possible to break the Fabric of Reality with your hand, or to replace it with blocks from the player’s inventory. They give off a decently bright light level, making it very easy to see something placed inside the room.

Dimensions entered through a naturally spawned portal can be hallways or rooms made of stone brick, often with a handful of other Dimensional Doors or Warp Doors. Some dimensions have traps or hidden chests.
Player-made dimensions, those made by placing a door in a non rift spot, are completely empty and do not contain Monoliths or dungeons. They can be useful for storing things should one find themselves in need of extra space, or one could link the dimension with another spot in the overworld to cut travel time. However, dying in such a dimension may still send the player to Limbo.


Once in a pocket dimension, the player can go into a ‘deeper’ dimension with a Dimensional Door or Rift Blade, or can enter a pocket dimension that is one step closer to the overworld through a Warp Door. A Transdimensional Trapdoor will always bring you back to the overworld.

Dimensional Dungeons:

Some Pocket Dimensions have a dungeon in them. This may consist of several rooms with hostile mob spawners, treasures, traps, and Monoliths. Pocket Dimensions opened with a Rift Blade or Dimensional Door will never have a dungeon in them. The only way to enter a Dimensional Dungeon is to find a naturally generated portal, and enter it.


If a player goes too ‘deep’ into the pocket dimensions, dies in a pocket dimension, or is caught by a Monolith, they end up in Limbo.

If you die in a pocket dimension and have a charm of keeping in your inventory, you will spawn in Limbo with the respective amount of gear for each tier rather than all your gear.


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Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

Dimensional Doors Mod Crafting Recipes 1

Dimensional Doors Mod Crafting Recipes 2


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge
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Dimensional Doors Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.17.1

Fabric version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Fabric version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Fabric version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.19.3

Fabric version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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