Florite Mod 1.12.2 adds a bunch of new content centered around florite, a living ore loosely inspired by chlorophyte from Terraria. It also adds other plant and nature related things.

Florite Mod



Florite Mantis

  • Health:71
  • Damage:7
  • Spawns:Rarely in Paradise Fields; extremely rarely in forests and jungles
  • Drops:1-2 Mantis Claws
  • Florite Mantises are neutral minibosses that run super fast and deal damage from far away. Don’t aggravate unprepared or you WILL die.


  • Health:8
  • Damage:3
  • Drops:0-3 tallgrass
  • Spawns:Same biomes as Mantis, but more common
  • Lurkers lie completely still until a player comes near, then jump out and attack!

Florite Twirler

  • Health:8
  • Damage:9
  • Drops:nothing
  • Spawns:Only during Florite Guardian bossfight
  • Twirlers fly through the air and swoop down at unaware players. The real question is how do they deal so much damage?

Mini Mantis (Minion)

  • Health:4
  • Damage3
  • Drops:nothing
  • Spawns:When summoned with staff
  • These guys aren’t very strong, but they make up for it in numbers. Just be careful not to hit them…


Florite Crystal

  • The basic crafting material of the mod.
  • Obtained by: Mining Florite Ore, growing Florite Flowers


  • Another basic mod material, also used as fuel in the Photosynthesiser
  • Obtained by: Crafting and synthesizing

Mantis Claw

  • Ingredient in all mantis items.
  • Obtained by: Dropped by Florite Mantises

Florite Seeds

  • Used to grow Florite Flowers
  • Obtained by: Synthesizing

Florite Candy

  • Only fills 1 bar of hunger, but has a chance to give you regeneration.
  • Obtained by: Crafting

Florite Arrow

  • Ammo for Florite Bow
  • Obtained by: Crafting

Mantis Arrow

  • Ammo for Mantis Bow
  • Obtained by: Crafting

Guardian Arrow

  • Ammo for… you probably get it by now

Tier 1 Tools and Weapons

Florite Strider

  • Item form of a vehicle that allows you to move super fast and climb mountains.

Flowering Blade

  • Damage: 4
  • Durability: 974
  • Enchantability: 18
  • The Flowering Blade regenerates whatever it hits. Not good as a sword but more useful than it sounds.

Leafy Blade

  • Damage:8
  • Durability: 974
  • Enchantability: 18
  • The Leafy Blade, on the other hand, poisons whatever it hits!

Mantis Blade

  • Damage: 9
  • Durability: 865
  • Enchantability: 20
  • If you hold a Mantis Blade, it gives you Strength every 5 seconds, making some of your attacks deal extra damage

Axe of Self Destruction

  • Damage: 9
  • Durability: 974
  • Attack Speed: 1.1
  • Enchantability: 18
  • Only notable for its crafting recipe.

Florite Tools

  • Durability: 974
  • Exactly what you’d expect. Use chlorophyll instead of sticks to craft.

Florite Bow

  • Uses Florite Arrows
  • Makes enemies glow on hit.

Mantis Bow

  • Uses Mantis Arrows
  • Poisons enemies on hit


  • All staffs have a durability of 1298.

Florite Staff

  • Shoots a projectile that deals 2 damage and causes enemies to glow.

Staff of Decay

  • Applies the wither effect to whatever its used on

Mantis Staff

  • Summons a Florite Mantis on demand. You should usually make this the first mantis item you craft so you can get more mantis claws.


Florite Ore

  • Spawn Chance (per chunk): 60%
  • Spawn Height: 28-60
  • Your first florite will always come from this surprisingly common ore. Mine it with a diamond pickaxe or above.

Florite Block

  • Aside from being a decorational storage block, it’s also used in spawning the Florite Guardian.


  • What the Florite Guardian is made of, and therefore used in spawning him.

Florite Core

  • Can be used as a dim light source but its main use is as the last block in the Florite Guardian summon.


  • The Photosynthesiser is a new crafting station added by the mod! It’s powered by chlorophyll, placed in the top slot. Each chlorophyll can “synthesize” 3 items. Since you can create chlorophyll with it, if you’re careful the chlorophyll in the crafting recipe is the last chlorophyll you’ll have to craft.
  • It only contains two basic recipes, although it is used in the upgrade system (see Florite Guardian)
  • Florite Crystal + Seeds = Florite Seeds
  • Plant Item = Chlorophyll

Florite Mod Screenshots 7

Florite Guardian

The Florite Guardian is the boss of the mod. He is VERY tough and you will need enchanted florite items to beat him. He has three phases during which his ranged attack changes – if you are close to him he will always use a basic melee attack.

Phase 1

  • If you are farther than 8 blocks he will use a Florite Staff to shoot projectiles at you. It can be dodged fairly easily and you should be able to get him out of this phase fairly quickly.

Phase 2 (under 300 health)

  • During this phase he will switch to using a Guardian Staff and shooting beams at you. This is LITERALLY impossible to dodge so unless you have well-enchanted Florite Armor you should stay either very close or very far away.

Phase 3 (under 100 health)

  • At the start of this phase he will summon 4 Florite Twirlers and then continue to attack like he did in Phase 2.

After you beat him he will explode and drop a single Crystal of Growth which can be used to upgrade your items.


Florite Armor

  • Defense: 22
  • Wearing a full set of armor will give you Regeneration I.

Mantis Armor

  • Defense: 11
  • Wearing a full set of armor will give you Strength II.

Tier 2 Tools and Weapons


  • Placing any item in Tier 1 (except Florite Tools and Mantis Bow) in a Photosynthesiser with a Crystal of Growth will give you an upgraded version of the item.

Florite Glider

  • Upgrades from: Florite Strider
  • A vehicle like the strider, except it moves faster and can fly

Flowering Staff

  • Upgrades From: Flowering Blade
  • Now allows you to regenerate mobs on right click, without damaging them.

Forester’s Blade

  • Upgrades from: Leafy Blade
  • Damage:10
  • Durability: 1106
  • Enchantability: 17
  • Just an upgraded version of the Leafy Blade, with more durability, damage, and poison.

Insect’s Prayer

  • Upgrades From: Mantis Blade
  • Damage: 11
  • Durability: 993
  • Enchantability: 18
  • Aside from being the most damaging weapon in the mod AND still having the strength ability of the Mantis Blade, it also allows you to shoot a mantis arrow on right click.

Guardian Bow

  • Upgrades from: Florite Bow
  • Uses Guardian Arrows
  • This bow calls lightning on impact, dealing even more damage and applying all the other effects of lightning.

Guardian Staff

  • Upgrades from: Florite Staff
  • This staff allows you to instantly damage any mob by right clicking it.

Vampiric Staff

  • Upgrades from: Staff of Decay
  • This is the most powerful staff in the mod. It’s so powerful I had to make it not work on boss mobs. When you right click a mob with this staff, it takes 2 damage, and heals you 1.

Minion Staff

  • Upgrades from: Mantis Staff
  • This staff allows you to summon a tiny mantis that will fight mobs for you! See Mini Mantis in Mobs for more details.


Paradise Fields

  • This bright green biome is, ironically, the most dangerous biome in the mod, home to the most mantises and siverfish.

Florite Mod Screenshots 6


  • Another dangerous biome, this one has very few trees and the occasional group of spiders. It’s made up of dirt covered in dead bushes.

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Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

Florite Mod Crafting Recipes 1


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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