Godzilla Mod (1.7.10) adds the King of Monsters “Godzilla” to your Minecraft game. The basic goal of this mod is to survive from Godzilla (and other monsters). This mod may add a very powerful monster but it also adds a way to kill him. There are new resources to the game that allow you to make weapons to defeat this beast.

Godzilla Mod

This mod adds in one of the most powerful bosses into Minecraft! Craft yourself a rocket launcher or some epic gear and face off against the beast.

Other, less effective ways, include weapons and armor made from the remains of the Kaiju, Kiryu (Note: Kiryu was removed in the Mothra Update), Rocket Launchers and Grenades. The aim of the mod is to translate creatures from the Godzilla franchise to Minecraft in the form of difficult bosses for challenge seeking players and/or fans.




  • In this mod, Godzilla possesses his signature Atomic Breath, which cause an explosion and large fields of fire. He has 10,000 points of health, and deals 1,000 points of damage, enough to kill the player in one hit, as the unmodded Minecraft player has 20 points. He is very difficult to kill as he regenerates 30 points of health every half-second, takes no fall damage, is resistant to knockback, has high defense and can knock the player high into the air where fall damage can kill them, he is also immune to fire damage. He now spawns in the Ocean. He previously resembled the original design for Godzilla but now resembles MogeGoji. When defeated he drops vast amounts of experience like all the other mobs and also G cells (used to make Kiryu and the G-Armor, currently the strongest armor in Minecraft and it gives the player Regeneration), Godzilla bones (also used for Kiryu) and the Godzilla Skull (used in Kiryu but also a placeable trophy).


  • Kiryu was the second monster added into the mod, and is the first craftable and tameable Kaiju. He is respectively crafted with Godzilla bones, G-Cells, Titanium (added by the mod) and microchips. When he dies, he causes a potion effect that will harm any monster that is in the vicinity. He takes no fall damage. He can be tamed with a Tech Panel and when destroyed drops some of his parts in damaged forms to be repaired. Previously, when defeated he caused an area effect that slowly killed all mobs, even Godzilla but that has been replaced with the Absolute Zero Cannon, which does the same, provided he gets a chance to use it. Kiryu has 10,000 health points (12,000 when tamed) and an attack damage of 400 (450 when tamed). He was removed in v1.6, the Mothra update supposedly for model and AI changes.

King Ghidorah

  • King Ghidorah is the third monster added to the mod and one of the most powerful. He can summon lightning, fly, and knock the player away and into the air. When at 2,000 health and below it will run away. It’s A.I. had been redone so that he will attack any thing not wearing the Xilien armor set. When defeated it drops Ghidorah Scales which can be used to craft the Ghidorah set (let’s the player fly) and the Ghidorah Scepter (second strongest melee weapon in the mod and can summon lightning). Its design is mostly based off of 1991 King Ghidorah, although it draw some elements from other designs as well. He previously spawned in the End but now he spawns on Planet X, he can also spawn in hill biomes with enough luck. Ghidorah has 15,000 hit points and attack damage of 800.

Burning Godzilla

  • Burning Godzilla is the strongest monster in the mod and as of the official release of Orespawn’s Queen, the strongest mob in all of Minecraft. Besides being a stronger version of Godzilla (he has a 2,500 attack damage, 12000hp and regenerates at 50 points every half second) to replicate the film version in Minecraft, Burning Godzilla has a “radiation effect” that sets everything within a certain radius around him on fire and immediately poisons players and mobs. His atomic breath also does more damage, leaving massive and deep craters. Since the 1.6 version of the mod is completely immune to the Oxygen Destroyer, and since the 1.6.5 version now can go into meltdown state (if he is below 2500hp, and isn’t killed within 30 seconds – he will explode, destroying everything around him). Even with the G-Set on, a Potion of Fire Resistance, a Golden Apple (which also gives the power of regeneration) and the G-Sword (2,500 attack damage) the player is not likely to succeed, it is so dangerous that its Difficulty rating on the official Mod Website (A system out of 10 points) ranked it 10.5, while Godzilla and King Ghidorah scored a full ten. Burning Godzilla spawns in the fiery dimension of the Nether, the Extreme Hills biome, and mainly the ocean. Burning Godzilla has the same total health as normal Godzilla but a much higher defense. It is directly based off of the DesuGoji Godzilla design.


  • These were added in the same update as Burning Godzilla. They can be tamed with an Xilien Handlink device, which can be crafted or found in crashed spaceships. They are not hostile, but three can be crafted into a King Ghidorah summoning item with the Xilien Workbench. With 10 Health (30 when tamed) and 5 attack damage (8 when tamed) it is the weakest mob in the game (its difficulty rating is 0/10 on the Mod website). They can also fly and can be found in hills, jungles, plains and forests.


  • Xiliens were added in the same update as Burning Godzilla and the Dorats. Despite being aliens, they are the first non-kaiju mobs added to the mod. Xiliens are hostile towards players and can be found only in the Burnt Grassland (a new biome added by the mod) or Planet X. Xiliens have 50 points of health, deal around 13 points of damage, have decent defense and walk as fast as the player. They also can see players from very far away and when they see the player, they will run towards him, trying to kill him. They are based on their appearance in Invasion of Astro-Monster. They are also meant to spawn on Planet X which is meant to be reached using the Xilien Hand Device. Upon dying they drop all or parts of their armor set. When the player wears this King Ghidorah will not attack them.

King Kong

  • King Kong is the first mammalian kaiju in the mod. King Kong spawns in the Jungle and Forest Hills biome. He has 9500 health points and does 850 damage. King Kong suffers no fall damage, has knockback resistance, high defense and agility, can destroy blocks, has the ability to climb over obstacles and is super charged by lightning, at which point his power increases and he can call down further lightning bolts. King Kong is based on the 1962 King Kong.


  • Rodan is one of the most recent mobs in the the game. He was added in the Mothra Update, along with Mothra, Skeleturtle, and Battra. He has 8750 health points and inflicts 1000 damage. He has a defense point of 18, and has the ability to fly at incredible speeds. He has a hurricane wind attack, takes no fall damage, is immune to fire, destroys terrain, and has knockback resistance. Upon dying will drop his scales, which can be used to craft a set of armor (allows flight). Rodan is based on the 2004 Rodan.


  • Mothra is now added to the Godzilla mod on the newest update. Mothra has 8500 health and a defense of 20. Mothra’s abilities include: hurricane wind attack antenna rays, lightning attack, poison powder attack, and flight. Mothra takes no fall damage and no fire Damage. Mothra is also rideable. Mothra has high defense and knockback resistance. Mothra has 700 attack damage and has a difficulty of 10/10. Mothra’s design for the mod is a combination of all the previous Mothra designs.

Mothra Larva

  • Mothra’s Larva stage was also added into the mod. It can hatch from the Mothra Egg (which can be found on Infant Island). It can’t take fall damage, fire damage, doesn’t suffer knockback, has 4500 health, 650 attack damage, 12 points of defense and can shoot the stream of web from it’s mouth. Like the adult Mothra it can be ridden.


  • Along with Mothra, Battra was also added into the mod. He has 7000 points of health, 500 attack damage and defense of 16. His abilities include Hurricane Wind Attack, Prism Beams and Flight. He takes no fall damage, no fire damage, can destroy terrain and has knockback resistance. Upon death he will drop Battra shards, which can be used to craft the set of armor (allows flight) and a scepter (deals 850 damage and inflicts negative potion effects). He can be found in Cold Taiga biome.

Battra Larva

  • Battra’s Larva stage was added into the mod. He has 4500 health, attack damage of 875 and 12 defense points. He can fire Prism Beams from his horn and, just like the adult Battra, is resistant to fall damage, fire damage, can destroy terrain and has knockback resistance. Once defeated, he will drop his shells, which can be used to craft a set of armor and he can also drop pieces of his horn, which can be used to craft a Battra Sword (450 damage an applies weakness). He can also be found in Cold Taiga Biome.


  • Skeleturtle was added alongside Mothra, Battra and Rodan. They are neutral towards the player, and will not attack unless provoked. They are also the mod’s second weakest Kaiju, and drop bones when killed.


Here is a list of all the ores currently in the mod with info about each. Here you can find their uses, spawn level, max vein amount, and much more!


  • Platinum is one of the most important (if not the most important) ore in the mod. Mostly everything that you need to take down kaiju has some platinum in it somewhere.
    Spawn Level: 32-0
  • Vein Size: 5
  • Rarity: 5


  • Titanium is another very important ore. It’s main use is for titanium plates (which is used to craft a lot of weapons and utilities) but as the mod progresses it will have more and more uses.
  • Spawn Level: 52-0
  • Vein Size: 6
  • Rarity: 6


  • Aluminium is used for many things. You need it to make aluminium rodes, frames, and many other materials that are used to create different items.
  • Spawn Level: 58-0
  • Vein Size: 8
  • Rarity: 6


  • Black-Iron is another one of those ores that you need to create many weapons/items. You may better know this ore from the “Superheroes Unlimited Mod” which is also created by Tihyo. However, the black-iron and this mod looks slightly different so you can tell the difference.

    Spawn Level: 64-0
  • Vein Size: 7
  • Rarity: 25


  • If there is anything you need to make that has some electronic side to it, you’ll probably need silicon somewhere down the line. Silicon is used in a lot of recipes dealing with electronics. This ore isn’t too difficult to find but sure is important.
  • Spawn Level: 54-0
  • Vein Size: 7
  • Rarity: 8

Planet X Rock

  • Planet X Rock is the rock found on Planet X. It looks similar to bedrock and is used to create the Xilien Workbench.
  • ​Spawn Level: 25-0 (Only in Burn’t Grassland Biomes)
  • Vein Size: 1
  • Rarity: 8


  • Though copper is used for numerous things, it’s most important is the Diving Suit. This Diving Suit is the only thing that keeps you alive when using the Oxygen Destroyer!
  • ​Spawn Level: 42-0
  • Vein Size: 3
  • Rarity: 5

Infant Island:

Infant Island is the home of the miniature Shobijin Priestesses and the guardian of Infant Island, Mothra, whom they serve. The first appearance of the island is in the original Mothra film from 1961.

Godzilla Mod Features 1

Getting There…

So now that you know a little bit about Infant Island, you may be wondering how you get there. Well, it really is a simple (but can be a time consuming) process.

First off, you need to make an Enchanted Map. For info on how to make it, visit the Crafting Recipes section of the wiki. Next, you need to find an Ancient Temple which spawns in an Ancient Forest. They are no too hard to come by, it really just depends on your world (like if you are using the world type – Kaiju Land).

Godzilla Mod Features 2

Once inside the Ancient Temple, you need to head over to the Infant Island Relic, right-click it with the Enchanted Map, and it will give you an Infant Island Map. Take this, and right-click at the bottom of an ocean (or deep ocean) biome and you will be teleported to the island!

At Infant Island

Now that you’ve made it to Infant Island you ask yourself, “What now?” Well, the main thing you want to do is find the Shobijin. They spawn in a small cave on the surface. (Hard to Find)

Godzilla Mod Features 3

Once you find the cave, there will be wall paintings and a tablet in stone. Right-click that tablet and the Shobijin appear with your first mission!


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Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 1

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 2

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 3

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 4

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 5

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 6

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 8

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 9

Godzilla Mod Crafting Recipes 10


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