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Hiccup’s Legacy Mod (1.18.2) was inspired by the famous series “How to train your Dragon” which describes the journey of a boy on his way to befriend one of the most adorable dragons. With Hiccup’s Legacy, players can find and tame up to 8 unique different dragons, and they would serve as their loyal companions to the end of their days. Riding these dragons, players can command them to attack, defend, and breathe fire toward players’ enemies. Currently, there are also two types of plants, which can be conflated to create a cure. For what you might have asked? Well, in the world of dragons, players would often fall victim to a new, dangerous disease if they ride a dragon for way too long, therefore the remedies are necessary to control these powerful creatures. To control the dragon, players can either press R or X to attack.


  • Players can tame and ride dragons as well as use their attacks.


Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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Hiccup’s Legacy Mod (1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge Version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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