NotEnoughUpdates Mod (1.8.9) is a mod made for Hypixel’s Skyblock gamemode that provides a number of unique features. This mod helps you in dungeons, ah prices, bazaar prices, item recipes, wikipedia in-game.


  • An item list containing information and recipes about every item in skyblock.
  • A dungeons minimap.
  • Dungeon loot profit checker.
  • Item overlays for Treecapitator, Builder’s Wand, Block Zapper, and Bonemerang.
  • An in-game skyblock profile viewer accessed with /pv [player].
  • Fully customizable enchant colors accessed with /neuec [player].
  • Fairy soul waypoints accessed with /neusouls.
  • Customizable inventory command buttons accessed with /neubuttons.
  • The ability to change the line color of fishing rods.
  • Onscreen overlays for: Farming, Dwarven Mines, Pets, and the Accessory bag.
  • A custom auction house accessed with /neuah.
  • Solvers for: Enchanting and The Puzzler.
  • A custom Action House Search GUI.
  • A custom storage GUI.
  • A custom enchanting table GUI.
  • Slot Locking.
  • Fishing Particle customization & alerts.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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For Minecraft 1.8.9

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