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Popup Events Mod (1.8.9) implements a feature, in which, every time a Hypixel event started, an option would be swiftly popped up and players can quickly join these events without having to type in the commands. Indisputably, Hypixel Events are joyful and they are rare events that allow players to collect precious items that don’t exist within the normal realms. However, sometimes, players would often forget about these events due to the fact that they were busy doing something else rather than having their eyes on the chatbox. This has led to many unfortunate events where players couldn’t join because they don’t want to, but rather, completely missed them. With Popup Events, players will never miss out on an event like this ever again as everything will be presented in front of players’ eyes. At the same time, other minor events such as Friend Requests, Party Invites, and Guild Invites would also set an alert for players to respond.


  • Regular Events within Hypixel such as Friend Requests and Party, Guild Invites will be made clearer.



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Popup Events Mod (1.8.9) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.8.9

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