Embark on a delectable journey through time with Vintage Delight Mod (1.20.1), a culinary-focused mod that infuses your Minecraft world with the charm of old-fashioned living. As an expansion to the beloved Farmer’s Delight mod, Vintage Delight unveils a bounty of fresh crops, mouthwatering meals, and time-honored crafting methods, all centered around the ingenious new Fermenting Jar. Imagine plump pickles bubbling merrily in your jar, while you scale sky-high magic vines brimming with hidden treasures. Picture your cozy cottage bathed in the warm glow of a handcrafted salt lamp, the air thick with the aroma of freshly baked bread. Vintage Delight seamlessly blends with Farmer’s Delight’s existing mechanics, lavishing seasoned farmers, culinary connoisseurs, and dedicated builders with delightful new layers of gameplay. From pickling cucumbers to crafting delectable stews, each step in Vintage Delight is a celebration of bygone days. So, grab your basket, fire up the oven, and prepare to savor the timeless delights this charming mod has to offer. Dive into a world where your taste buds dance with nostalgia, your senses revel in rustic charm, and every bite is an adventure in time.


  • Fermenting Jar: The centerpiece of Vintage Delight. Use this innovative block to pickle various foods and experiment with fermentation. Displaying the items inside, it can be used also as a decorative block
  • New Crops:
    • Oats: A tall crop that can be processed into oatmeal, cookies, and granola.
    • Peanuts: Versatile nuts that can be roasted, turned into nut mash, or grown into a magical vine with treasures atop, if you find the magic peanut.
    • Ghost Peppers: A fiery pepper found in the Nether, can be pickled, or made into chili.
    • Cucumbers: Can be made into salads or transformed into tangy pickles.
    • Gearo Berries: Unique berries discovered in dark oak forests, can be made into flavorful jam.
  • Mason Jar Jams: Create jams from Gearo Berries, other berries, as well as some more interesting ingredients, stored in mason jars. These jars can be consumed, broken down into easier to transport bottles, or used as charming decorations.
  • Salt Production: Introducing a new element to the game, salt can be used in various recipes like salted meats, in fermentation, or crafted into beautiful building blocks and colorful salt lamps. Engage in salt farming using the new Evaporator block.
  • Cheese Making: Dive into cheese production with cheese curds and specialized cheese mold pans
  • Chef Hats: Express your inner chef with customizable chef hats available in a spectrum of colors.


Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod


Minecraft Forge

Farmer’s Delight Mod

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