The Shields Mod adds one new item known as a shield. The shield looks absolutely amazing and not so surpringly it adds a lot of protection while being equipped.

There’s certainly some things left to do such as the possibility of equipping a weapon at the same time as holding the shield. It would also be nice to see some additional shields such as a ballistic shield.

How to get the shield and what does it do?

The shield can be crafted in-game or you can also use the creative inventory to retrieve it.

  • Shield (502) – 6 oak wood planks + 1 iron ingot

Select it as your active slot to equip the shield. It will be placed in your right hand and currently it’s not possible to equip any other weapon while holding the shield. However, you do gain the following potion effects while it’s equipped: Resistance IV (protection), Slowness III (move slower).

Shields Mod

Download links for Shields Mod for MCPE

JS: Download from server 1

Download from server 2